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This is the Television Section of the CLG Wiki. All television logo descriptions will be posted here.

The Walt Disney Company (Disney-ABC Home Entertainment and Television Distribution, Disney Media Distribution,
Walt Disney Television, Disney-MGM Studios, Buena Vista Television, Buena Vista International Television, Valleycrest Productions, ABC Studios, ABC Entertainment, ABC Productions, ABC Circle Films, ABC News Productions, Saban/Scherick Productions, ESPN Original Entertainment, Selmur Productions, Touchstone Television, Greengrass Productions, SOAPnet Originals, 20th Century Fox Television, 20th Television, 20th Century Fox Television Distribution, National Studios, Fox 21 Television Studios, Fox Television Studios, Fox 21, Foxstar Productions, Fox Reality Original, Fox World, FX Productions, Fox Factory, Fox Circle Productions, Fox Toma 1, Fox Networks Group, The Jackal Group, FNM Films, New World Entertainment, New World/Genesis Distribution, Four Star International, Leap Off Productions,
Blair Entertainment, Storer Communications, Cannell Entertainment, TeleVentures, Gold Key Entertainment, Gold Key Media, Metromedia Producers Corporation, Moving Target Productions, Phase One Productions, MTM Enterprises, MTM Television Distribution, MTM International, Victory Television, Regency Television)

The Bertelsmann Foundation/The Mohn Family (Fremantle, Fremantle International, Spring, ACI, Hill-Fields Entertainment, All American Television, All American-Fremantle International, Blu, Blue Circle, Crackerjack Productions, Mark Goodson Television Productions, Alomo Productions, Grundy Television, Reg Grundy Productions, LBS Communications,
Orbis Entertainment, Original Productions, Pearson Television, Reeves Entertainment, Scotti-Vinnedge Television, Talbot Television, Talkback Thames, Talkback, Thames, Retort, Boundless)

BBC (BBC, BBC America, Lionheart Television)

ITV plc. (ABC, ATV, Anglia, Border, Carlton, Central, Channel, Channel 4, Grampian, Granada, Harlech/HTV, IBA - Independent Broadcasting Authority, ITV, London Weekend, Mediacircus, Meridian,
Rediffusion London, Scottish, Southern, TSW, TWW, Tyne Tees, Ulster, Westcountry, Westward, Yorkshire)

MGM Holdings Inc. (MGM Television, Evolution Media, Big Fish Entertainment,
United Artists Media Group, Orion Television, Cannon Television, United Artists Television, United Artists Associated, Associated Artists Productions, United Telefilms Limited, United Artists Broadcasting, MGM/UA Premiere Network, The Mirisch Corporation, Ziv Television Programs, Samuel Goldwyn Television, Heritage Entertainment, American International Television, Azalea Pictures, Filmways Television, Heatter-Quigley Productions, Century Towers Productions, Yorkshire Productions, One Three Media, Mark Burnett Productions, Epix Entertainment)

Comcast Corporation (NBCUniversal Television
, NBCUniversal International Television, Universal Television, Universal Pay Television, Universal Content Productions, Universal Cable Productions, Universal Networks International, Peacock Productions, Matchbox Pictures, Chocolate Media, Monkey Kingdom, Universal Channel Originals, Oxygen Original Productions, Bravo Originals, Working Title Television, Comcast Entertainment Studios, TV One Original Productions, Universal Media Studios, Revue Studios, Kayro-UTV Productions, MCA TV, MTE, NBC Studios, NBC Enterprises, NBC International, NBC News Productions, CNBC Originals, Coastline Partners, Carnival Films, Multimedia Entertainment, Multimedia Motion Pictures, Avco Broadcasting Company, USA Cable Entertainment, USA Network Originals, E! Entertainment Television Originals, Syfy Originals, SNL Studios, Geffen Television, PolyGram Television, Propaganda Television, ITC Entertainment Group, Television Programs of America, California National Productions, Alan Enterprises

Sony Corporation (Sony Pictures Television, Sony Pictures Television International, Sony Pictures Television Networks, Sony Entertainment Television Originals,
2waytraffic, Embassy Row, AXN Original Production, GSN Originals, Culver Entertainment, Lean-M, Victory Television, Silver River Productions, Gogglebox Entertainment, Floresta, Starling, Toro Produzioni, Huaso, Teleset, Left Bank Pictures, Syco TV, Electric Ray, Stellify Media, Playmaker Media, Columbia Pictures Television, Columbia Pictures Pay Television, Spelling-Goldberg Productions, TriStar Television, Columbia TriStar Television, Columbia TriStar Central Productions, Columbia TriStar International Television, Columbia Showcase Theatre, Colgems Productions, Rastar Television, Four D Productions, The Mimus Corporation, Coca-Cola Telecommunications, The Television Program Source, Colex Enterprises, TOY Productions, Act III Productions, Embassy Communications, Embassy Pay Television, Avco Embassy Television, Tandem Productions, T.A.T. Communications Company, PITS Films, Screen Gems Television, Briskin Productions, Tri-Star Showcase, Barris Productions, Bel-Air Program Sales, Clarion Communications, Stewart Television, Merv Griffin Enterprises, The Guber-Peters Entertainment Company, Diplomatic Productions)

AT&T Inc. (Warner Bros. Television, Warner Horizon Television, Warner Bros. International Television, Warner Bros. Domestic Pay TV Cable & Network Features, AT&T Originals, Alloy Entertainment, New Line Television, Nelson Television, Castle Rock Entertainment Television, HBO Entertainment, HBO Enterprises, HBO Independent Productions, HBO Downtown Productions, HBO Feature/Special Presentation IDs, Cinemax Feature Presentation IDs, HBO Latin America Original Programming, Cinemax Original Production, Time-Life Television, Talent Associates, The Wolper Organization, 17th Street Productions, Seven Arts Television, Lorimar Television, Telepictures Productions, Telepictures Distribution, Time-Telepictures Television, Lorimar-Telepictures, Turner Entertainment Co., Turner Program Services, Turner Sports, Turner Studios, Turner Television, Bedrock Productions, CNN Original Series, Studio T, TNT Productions,
TBS Productions, TCM Originals, TruTV Original Productions, Space Original, InJaus Producción Original, Imagen Satelital, Guild Films, Motion Pictures for Television, Shed Media, Outright Distribution, Eyeworks Film Production, Cuatro Cabezas)

National Amusements, Inc. (
CBS Television Studios, CBS Television Distribution, CBS Studios International, CBS Productions, Big Ticket Television, CBS News Productions, Pop Originals, 90210 Productions, Spelling Television, Thomas-Spelling Productions, ABC Films, BET Original Productions, Centric Productions, CBS Paramount Television, CBS Enterprises, Eyemark Entertainment, Group W Productions, Barr Films, CBS EYE Productions, CBS Broadcast International, CBS Films, Comedy Central Productions, The Comedy Channel Originals, Ha! TV Comedy Network Originals, Paramount Comedy Channel Originals, King World Productions, Camelot Entertainment Sales, Laurel Entertainment, MTV Production Development, VH1 Productions, QUBE, NBC Films, Nick@Nite Originals, Paramount Television (CBS), Paramount Television, Paramount Domestic Television and Video Programming, Paramount Television Service, RTV News, Telemount-Mutual Productions, Desilu Productions, Torand Productions, QM Productions, Republic Pictures Television, Hollywood Television Service, Studio City Television Productions, National Telefilm Associates, Schick Sunn Classic Productions, Solow Production Company, Showtime Networks, Paramount Network Originals, Spike Originals, Taft Entertainment Television, Titus Productions, TV Land Originals, U.M.&M. Television Corporation, Viacom (CBS), Viacom, Viacom International Studios, Viacom Pictures, Wilshire Court Productions, Worldvision Enterprises)

Amblin Partners (
Amblin Television, DreamWorks Television)

Foxtel Management Pty Limited (Foxtel Productions, Showtime Originals Australia)

AMC Networks Inc. (AMC Studios, IFC Originals, Pramer Producción Original, Reality TV Originals)

Hearst Corporation (Hearst Entertainment, Kelly News & Entertainment, King Phoenix Entertainment, Lifetime Television, History Original Stories)

Lions Gate Entertainment Corporation (Lionsgate Television, C/FP Television, Artisan Television, Debmar-Mercury, Debmar Studios, Mercury Entertainment, Trimark Television, TVGN Originals, Vestron Television,
Starz Distribution, Starz Originals, Starz Productions, IDT Entertainment)

Crown Media Holdings (Colorization, Inc., Hal Roach Studios, Qintex Entertainment)

Lantern Capital (The Weinstein Company Television, Dimension Television)

Relativity Media LLC (Relativity Television)

beIN Media Group (Miramax Television)

Vivendi S.A. (Almi Television Productions, Canal+)

Citigroup, Inc. (
EMI Television Programs)

RKO Pictures, LLC (RKO Television, RKO Nederlander)

Mediaset S.p.A. (Mediaset)

Shaw Communications (Shaw Media, Canwest Media, WIC Entertainment, Global Television, Showcase Original, Alliance Atlantis Communications, Alliance Entertainment Corporation, Atlantis Communications, Salter Street Films, Citadel Entertainment)

Hasbro, Inc. (eOne Television, Barna-Alper Productions, Blueprint Entertainment, Oasis International, Contender Entertainment Group, The Mark Gordon Company)

DHX Media Ltd. (Epitome Pictures)

Allied Artists International, Inc. (Allied Artists Television Corporation)

Village Roadshow Corporation (Roadshow Television)

Content Media (
Fireworks Entertainment, Content Television)

Tribune Media Company (Tribune Entertainment, Tribune Broadcasting, Grant-Tribune Productions, Teletrib)

WWE Inc. (WWE Originals, WCW Originals, The Wrestling Network)

Sandy Frank (Station Syndication, Sandy Frank Television Distributors, Sandy Frank Entertainment)

Carolco Pictures, Inc. (
Carolco Television Productions, Orbis Communications, The IndieProd Company)

Desilu, Too L.L.C. (Desi Arnaz Productions,
Lucille Ball Productions)

Sande Stewart (
Sande Stewart Television, Stewart Tele Enterprises)

Salim & Mara Brock-Akil (Akil Productions, Happy Camper Productions)

Access Entertainment Group (
Access Syndication, Colbert Television Sales)

De Agostini S.p.A. (RDF Television,
IWC Media, Touchpaper Television, Zodiak Media Group, Zodiak USA, Zodiak Rights, DIXI Corporation, Magnolia Television)

All3Media (Lion Television, One Potato Two Potato, ZOO Productions, IDTV, Studio Lambert, Objective Productions, Optomen, North One Television, South Pacific Pictures, Company Pictures, Lime Pictures, MME Moviement, Cactus TV, Bentley Productions, Maverick)

Endeavor, LLC (Trans World International, Ultimate Fighting Championship)

Public & Non-Profit Organizations (Public Broadcasting Service, National Educational Television, Agency for Instructional Technology, Annenberg Media, Connecticut Public Television, Corporation for Public Broadcasting, EFC, Georgia Public Broadcasting, KAET/Eight, KCET, KCTS-TV, Kentucky Educational Television, KBYU, KERA, KIXE-TV, KLRN, KLRU, KLVX, KOCE-TV, KPBS, KQED, KRMA, KSPS-TV, KTEH, KTCA, KUAT, KUED, KUHT, KUSM, Maryland Public Television, Mississippi Public Broadcasting, Nebraska ETV, Oregon Public Broadcasting, South Carolina ETV, UNC-TV, WCET, WEDU, WETA, WFSU-TV, WGBH, WGBY, WGTE-TV, WHYY-TV, WIPB, WITF, WJCT, WMHT/WMHX, WLVT, WNED, WNET, WNYC, WPBT, WPSU-TV, WQED, WQLN, WSJK, WTTW, WTVS, WXXI, WYES)

Australian and New Zealand Television (ABC, Beyond, Nine Network, Network Ten, Seven Network, Television New Zealand, TV One, TV 2, South Pacific Television, TV 3)

French Television (<a href="/page/Gaumont+T%C3%A9l%C3%A9vision+%28France%29" target="_self">Gaumont Télévision</a>, TF1)

Swedish Companies (Modern Entertainment)

Vanity (4 to 6 Foot Productions, Al Howard Productions, Alan Sacks Productions, Alien Productions, Bad Robot,
Betty Productions, Bloodworth-Thomason-Mozark Productions, Bob Bain Productions, Bob Myer Productions, Bungalow 78, Carlton Cuse Productions, Cheri Sundae Productions, Cherry Pie Productions, Cherry Tree Entertainment, Dames Fraser Productions, Darren Star Productions, David Eick Productions, Dean Hargrove Productions, Doozer, Eustis Elias Productions, Faulhaber Media, Finnegan/Pinchuck, Franklin/Waterman Worldwide, Frank Von Zerneck Films, Fred Barron Productions, The Fred Silverman Company, Fuzzy Door Productions, Giggling Goose Productions, Goldman/Taylor Entertainment Co., Goldsmith Yuspa Productions, Goodman-Rosen Productions, Gracie Films, Grosso-Jacobson Productions, Grub-Street Productions, Happy Madison Productions, Harpo Studios, Hometown Films Television, Jerry Bruckheimer Television, John Conboy Productions, Kedzie Productions, The Komack Company, KoMut Entertainment, Langley Productions, Lightkeeper Productions, Little Stranger, Living Dead Guy Productions, LongNeedle Entertainment, Lottery Hill Entertainment, Lynch/Frost Productions, Martin Manulis Productions, Miller-Boyett-Warren Productions, Norris Brothers Entertainment, The Ogiens/Kane Company, Picturemaker Productions, Pony Productions, Quincy Jones-David Salzman Entertainment, Reno & Osborn, Robin Schiff Productions, Ron Greenberg Productions, Roundelay-MF, SamJen Productions, Schlessinger Productions, Shady Acres Entertainment, Shephard/Robin Company, Shukovsky English Entertainment, Silver & Gold Productions, Steven Levitan Productions, Steven Bochco Productions, Telecom Entertainment, Termite Art Productions, The Tannenbaum Company, Tollin/Robbins Productions, Underdog Productions, View Askew Television, Wayans Bros. Companies, West-Shapiro Productions, Where's Lunch?, Wilmore Films, Wolf Entertainment, Worldwide Pants, You Go Boy! Productions, Various Part 1, Various Part 2)

Miscellaneous (ABR Entertainment Company, Action Media Group, Active Entertainment, Alfred Haber Television, Barry & Enright Productions, Belisarius Productions, Bell Dramatic Serial Company,
Brady Productions, Carruthers Company, The Carsey-Werner Company, Casey Kasem Productions, Cash Plus Media Services, Centerpoint, Century Group Ltd., Chloe Productions, Comworld Productions, Corday Productions, DLT Entertainment, De Passe Entertainment, Motown Productions, Dicitel Television, Dick Clark Productions, Dobson Productions, Don Cornelius Productions, Elliot Sluhan Productions, Facets Entertainment Group, Feigelson Productions, Fiedler/Berlin Productions, Films for the Humanities, First National Telecommunications, Fishman-Freer Productions, Fortis Productions, Four Point Entertainment, Fries Entertainment, Fries Distribution Company, Fuse Entertainment, Gaylord Production Company, Genesis International, Glen-Warren Great Entertainment, Glen Larson Entertainment Network, Grossbart Bartnett Productions, Imagine Television, Jonathan Goodson Productions, Jones 21st Century, The Landsburg Company, Legacy Filmworks, Lynch-Biller Productions, Mandalay Television, Marble Arch Productions, Mark Carliner Productions, Mark VII Limited, Mark Phillips Philms & Telephision, Merrill Heatter Productions, Merv Griffin Entertainment, Muller Media Television Distribution, Nederlander Television and Film Productions, Paragon Entertainment Corporation, Ralph Andrews Productions, Ralph Edwards-Stu Billett Productions, Revolution Television, Rhodes Productions, Robert Greenwald Productions, Savoy Pictures Television, Schaefer/Karpf Productions, SFM Entertainment, Scott Free Productions, Scott Sternberg Productions, Seagull Entertainment, Shavick Entertainment, Sheldon Leonard Companies, Silver Pictures Television, S&S Productions, Stone & Company Entertainment, Syndicast Services, Think Entertainment, Tomorrow Entertainment, Tower 12 Productions, Trifecta Entertainment & Media, Vin Di Bona Productions, Von Zerneck-Sertner Films, Weintraub Entertainment Group Television, Weiss Global Enterprises, Westfall Productions, Whiland International S.A., Wind Dancer Production Group, Yani-Brune Entertainment, Other Part 1, Other Part 2)