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Background: XOF Productions is a production company whose name is derived from a reversal of the Fox brand name created on October 2, 2019 with its first project being a brand new series Almost Family on Fox.

(October 2, 2019- )
Fox Entertainment (2019)XOF Productions (2019)
Left:TheFox Entertainment logo.
Right: The XOF Productions logo.

Logo: It begins with the already formed first Fox Entertainment logo. Then, the "FOX" initials rotates, turning into "XOF", while in rectangle, the "ENTERTAINMENT" text cross-fades into "PRODUCTIONS".

FX/SFX: Pretty simple CGI, as if you slow down the logo, will noticed the "XOF" text pops in before the corner of the letters fully point to front.

Music/Sounds: A deep wind sound with a cymbal swell, and a whoosh when the "FOX" text rotates.

Availability: Brand new. First seen on the drama series Almost Family.

Editor's Note: Still unknown why this name for the company, although some people tells it is a reference for the Metal Gear Solid V's (fictional) military group XOF.