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Logo description by Tlogos

Background: RTV News Inc. was a reality TV division of Paramount Television (now "CBS Television Studios").

(September 9, 1996-May 25, 2002)

Nickname: "RTV"

Logo: On a background of time-lapsed clouds (a la the second Warner Home Video logo), we see a white-shadowed "R" flying in from the left to the right at warped speed, followed by a "T", and a "V". At that point an orange box fades in, all of the letters leave cutouts of their letters on the box. which says "RTV" with the top-left tip of the "T" seemingly touching the "R". We then see a blurry object on the bottom of the box. It then becomes clearer and it finally reveals to be the words "NEWS INC" sandwiched between two lines. At that point it fades out.

FX/SFX: The letters flying in.

Music/Sounds: A zapping sound when the letters are moving followed by a synth chord.

Availability: Can be seen on Real TV and on Maximum Exposure.

Editor's Note: The music might get to some.