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Logo description by Logoboy95
Logo capture by Eric S.
Editions by Supermarty-o

Background: Vestron Television was the television distribution/production division of Vestron Video. Kinnevik Media Properties Ltd., which later became Modern Entertainment and was absorbed into Lionsgate, started syndicating Vestron's library in the early-to-mid 1990s after Vestron Television folded.


Nickname: "The Red Circle-V"

Logo: Same as its video counterpart, except "TELEVISION" takes the place of "VIDEO".

Variant: A shortened version exists where it fades in where the lines on the circle appear.

FX/SFX: Same as its video counterpart.

Music/Sounds: There are many variants:
  • Usually, it used a synth brass fanfare. The short version has this abridged and rearranged.
  • In some cases, it used the regular tune from said Vestron Video logo.
  • On the series Dirty Dancing, it used the closing theme of the show.

Availability: Extremely rare. Was seen on the Dirty Dancing TV series. It was last seen on a print of Steel Dawn, which was found on Lionsgate Movies' YouTube channel. A sped-up variant was found at the end of a syndie/premium cable print of Earth Girls Are Easy on Showtime as of 2008, but the logo has been omitted on recent airings due to using newer widescreen masters. It has also been spotted at the end of the Artisan DVD release of Cat Chaser, the <a href="" target="_self">Timeless Media Group Blu-Ray</a> of Howling III: The Marsupials, FEARnet airings of The Gate, old TNT prints of Ghoulies, Slaughter High, Ghoulies II, an old Prism airing of the 1976 film Birch Interval (which was not released on video by Vestron), and an October 2003 Sci-Fi Channel airing of Re-Animator, among others. Also seen on Dirty Dancing Live in Concert on VHS and at the end of Tubi TV's print of Waxwork.

Editor's Note: The brass fanfare may get to some expecting the normal Vestron music, but it's otherwise harmless.