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Logo description by James Fabiano, Jude Cormier and Kylejaker1988
Logo captures by Eric S., mr3urious, Bob Fish, Shadeed A. Kelly, V of Doom, and StephenCezar15
Editions by V of Doom, Shadeed A. Kelly, and Bob Fish
Video capture courtesy of Eric S. and Stephen Cezar

Background: Rhodes Productions was a television distribution company that was founded in 1970
by Taft Broadcasting. It was later acquired in 1975 by Filmways, which held ownership until Rhodes broke apart from the company and became independent again in 1980 after American International Television was folded into Filmways Television. Rhodes was SCTV's original U.S. syndicator starting in 1977 (only to lose the rights to Blair Entertainment in ca.1982 and got them back after Blair folded in 1993 (i.e. the 1986-93 Nick at Nite reruns), retaining them until 1998, when Western International Communications (WIC) had the rights).

Rhodes Productions (1979, with the Filmways byline)Rhodes Productions (1981)Rhodes Productions (1976-1978, In-Credit)Rhodes Productions/Filmways International (1976)Rhodes Productions a Filmways Company
Rhodes Productions World Wide SyndicationRhodes-HS: 1975Rhodes-HS: 1975-bRhodes Productions (1977)Rhodes Productions (1978)

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Logo: On a black background, the words "Syndication through" in white appear to the left, then letter by letter come the words:


Both are in the Bauhaus 93 font, looking quite similar to the Filmways font from the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th logos. Around the right of the logo, about twenty-two white stars appear.

  • On the syndicated edition of the original Hollywood Squares and Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman, this logo had an on-screen appearance, and a Filmways byline was present, but would later have the full logo animation on screen.
  • On the recovered syndicated version of the original Hollywood Squares, the phrase "World Wide Syndication through" appeared over the company name (seen stacked in a font similar to the later Filmways logo) on 1971-1975 episodes.

FX/SFX: The words and stars appearing gradually to the music, or none.

Music/Sounds: An eight note moog synthesizer fanfare (the eight note rapidly tremolos for the stars' appearance before it's released once the stars finish appearing).
In other cases, the closing theme of the show was used.

Availability: The animated version is extinct. Seen at the end of the game show Pitfall, and as a still shot in the end credits of episodes of the original run of Hollywood Squares. Was also seen during the original syndicated run of SCTV (1977-81) and also seen later on some episodes of the 1984 syndicated repackage of the show and on Nick at Nite airings (as the episodes sometimes used the original ending credits) but was replaced with the Blair Entertainment logo on Comedy Central reruns. Was also responsible for prints of The Cisco Kid that aired on the syndicated version of SCTV in 1981. However, the in-credit version is rare and seen on the first season of Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman, which is available on DVD.