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Background: WPSU (previously WPSX) is a PBS affiliate based in Clearfield, PA under the Pennsylvania State University license and located in Altoona, Johnstown, State College, and Dubois, Pennsylvania to as far north as Olean and Wellsville, NY.

Note: Prior to 2005, the Altoona-Johnstown, Pennsylvania market's PBS affiliate had an "X" as its fourth call letter.

1st Logo

Logo: TBA


Music/Sounds: TBA

Availability: TBA

Editor's Note: TBA

2nd Logo

WPSU-TV - CLG WikiNicknames: "Futuristic Font"

Logo: On a black background, the silver text "WPSX" fades in. It's in a futuristic font, with a light blue stripe spanning across the middle of it. As it fades in, a blue light quickly wipes across it and "PENNSTATE" quickly fades in below.

FX/SFX: The light passing through the logo, and "PENNSTATE" fading in below. It's simple, but nice animation.

Music/Sounds: The same synth fanfare used in WIPB's logo.

Availability: Rare. It can be found on What's in the News? and The Pennsylvania Game, which are local programs and may be seen if they get rerun (or on tapes).

Editor's Note: None.