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Logo descriptions by codykylefinke, Shadeed A. Kelly, Logophile, and D.L. Chandell
Logo captures by Eric S., EnormousRat, D.L. Chandell, and Logophile

Ivory Way Productions

Background: This was the vanity card of Keenen Ivory Wayans.

1st Logo
(April 15, 1990-December 20, 1992, 1998)

Logo: On a black background, there are two white thin, smooth-sided rectangles (possibly representing piano keys) close to the left, with a yellow line above and a red line below, all forming an "I". The word
<img align="right" alt="Ivory Way Productions" height="177" src="http://image.wikifoundry.com/image/1/v0mlXYubbQmpm4aVV6vVhw11486/GW237H177" title="Ivory Way Productions" width="237"/>
"VORY" in silver slides to the right from underneath the first rectangle and rests on the second one, spelling "IVORY". Then from under "VORY", "WAY" in yellow-orange slides from underneath. Then underneath that, "PRODUCTIONS" in blue fades in.

  • A slightly extended version exists where the white rectangle appears and the "I" etching appears with the top and bottom turning yellow and red respectively before the rest of the logo animates like normal.
  • A still version exists.

FX/SFX: The words sliding, and the fade-in of "PRODUCTIONS".

Music/Sounds: The end-title theme from any show.

Availability: Rare. Seen on In Living Color seasons 1-the first half of season 4 on DVD and The Keenen Ivory Wayans Show. The extended version was seen on the unsold ABC pilot Hammer, Slammer and Slade (based on Keenen Ivory Wayan's 1988 film I'm Gonna Git You, Sucka) on its original airing. When said pilot aired on Brown Sugar, the still version was used instead.

Editor's Note: None.

2nd Logo
(August 4, 1997-March 1998)

Nicknames: "The Marble Ivory", "The Ivory Way Rectangle", "The Great Gold Ivory Way", "Gold Ivory Way"

Logo: On a dark grey marble background, a three-dimensional gold rectangular figure with the capital letter "W" cut all the way through rotates horizontally towards the screen at the top-middle center of the screen and stops at an
<img align="right" alt="Ivory Way Productions Logo 2 (1997)" height="184" src="http://image.wikifoundry.com/image/3/A-mOdII2UsWq0jB7u-_PEg94371/GW246H184" title="Ivory Way Productions Logo 2 (1997)" width="246"/>angle where you can see the side of the rectangle exhibiting a silver shadow resembling a doorway and doubling as the "I" in "IW" for "Ivory Way" (the "W", in this case, is barely visible at this point). While this is happening, a line of text zooms back from the screen from the right and stops in alignment with the "IW" block above in a Helvetica-type font reading:

I v o r y W a y--P r o d u c t i o n s

FX/SFX: The flying and zooming of the text and rotating of the block.

Music/Sounds: Whatever music is played at the end of The Keenen Ivory Wayans Show .

Availability: Extinct. This logo was seen only on The Keenen Ivory Wayans Show.

Editor's Note: None.


Wife 'N Kids Productions, Inc.

Background: This was the vanity card of Damon Wayans.

<img align="bottom" alt="Wife 'N' Kids Productions" height="170" src="http://image.wikifoundry.com/image/1/f1UsgyFLXPaTW51Na4qF0A541007/GW228H170" title="Wife 'N' Kids Productions" width="228"/><iframe height="178" src="http://wikifoundrytools.com/wiki/closinglogos/widget/youtubevideo/cf018f28eaadd6a55e565bc62603e92d2d280702" width="178"></iframe>

Logo: On a black background is an African-American family, with a pregnant woman wearing a pink polka dot shirt, blue pants and white shoes and next to her are two boys with the left one wearing a blue shirt and burgundy pants and the right one wearing a green shirt and purple pants. Above them is "Wife 'N kids" and below is "PRODUCTIONS, INC." with a baby in a pink shirt and yellow pants crawling on those words. Below the family is copyright info: "© (YEAR) ALL RIGHTS RESERVED".

Trivia: The name would later be used for the title of the sitcom My Wife
& Kids, featuring Damon Wayans.

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: The closing theme to the program.

Availability: Rare. Seen at the end of the HBO comedy special Damon Wayans: The Last Stand?.

Editor's Note: None.

BabyWay Productions and Next to Last Productions

Background: This was the vanity card of Marlon (BabyWay) and Shawn (Next to Last) Wayans. BabyWay is a shortened version of "Baby Wayans", and Shawn was the second to last born to the main four brothers, hence the name "Next to Last".

(January 11, 1995-May 20, 1999)
<embed allowfullscreen="true" height="203" src="http://wikifoundrytools.com/wiki/closinglogos/widget/youtubevideo/c556acadf89ac00844e00841a3b4783ad5b98683" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="243" wmode="transparent"/><img align="bottom" alt="Baby Way/Next to Last" height="196" src="http://image.wikifoundry.com/image/1/1g3WGNYvoeCLcT6XuegVEg26787/GW257H196" title="Baby Way/Next to Last" width="257"/><img align="bottom" alt="Vanity Cards, Part 2 - CLG Wiki" height="194" src="http://image.wikifoundry.com/image/1/ZQp4qCJV7lBO_zdSoBAh2g19859/GW259H194" title="Vanity Cards, Part 2 - CLG Wiki" width="259"/>

: In a still picture, we see a black and white picture of Shawn and Marlon Wayans as youngsters. Marlon is looking downward, and Shawn is looking straight at the camera, smiling. On top of Shawn are the words "Next to Last Productions" and on top of Marlon were the words "BabyWay Productions", and in between those words is "and" (all in a thick white font). An off-screen voice (supposedly that of Shawn Wayans, of course) says, "Look up Marlon, say cheese!" As he says this, the words "in association with" appear at the bottom of the picture in the same font and color as the rest of the text.

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: It's Shawn's soundbyte as described above. Sometimes, audio from the end of the episode can still be heard.

Music/Sounds Variant: On The WB premiere night on the last few seconds of the spilt screen credit of The Wayans Bros., Michigan J. Frog sings "This has been a production of...." accompanied with a dreamy piano ditty, the last part is heard on the logo.

Availability: Currently seen on The Wayans Bros. on MTV2.

Editor's Note: None.


Wayans Bros. Entertainment

(March 28, 2001-May 17, 2005)

Nicknames: "Silhouettes", "Wayans Bros. Silhouettes"
<img align="right" alt="Wayans Bros. Entertainment" height="181" src="http://image.wikifoundry.com/image/1/GDfPQDzKv80qwp2ciOwVNg13445/GW255H181" title="Wayans Bros. Entertainment" width="255"/>
Logo: On a white background, we see black silhouettes of the Wayans Bros.: Damon, Shawn, Keenen Ivory, and Marlon. Underneath them has some sort of a Nike swoosh with "Wayans Bros. Entertainment" underneath.

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: The end-title theme from any show.

Availability: It was last seen on My Wife & Kids on ABC Family and Nick @ Nite.

Editor's Note: None.