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Logo descriptions by Nicholas Aczel and Sean Beard
Logo captures by Eric S., V of Doom, Subzero917, Dean Stewart Rumsey, and snelfu
Editions by V of Doom and Eric S.
Video captures courtesy of Eric S., Subzero917, and File Preserver

1st Logo
(January 31, 1985-January 7, 1988)

Alliance Entertainment Corporation (RSL-ICC Company)Alliance (1988)Alliance Entertainment Corporation (1986)
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Nickname: "The Shining Text"

Logo: On a shady blue gridlined background, the metallic stylized text:


set in New Zelek, appears in the center of the screen, and the underlined text "ENTERTAINMENT CORPORATION" uncovers below it. The "ALLIANCE" shines.

  • During 1985-1986, the logo had the joint byline "An RSL • ICC Company" written below "ENTERTAINMENT CORPORATION". Dropped in 1986 as the merger between two of producer Robert Lantos’ movie companies, RSL • ICC and French-Canadian film distributor Vivafilm Ltée., was completed.The RSL • ICC byline slides down as well as "Entertainment Corporation" from "ALLIANCE" meanwhile the name is shining on this variant.
  • In Diamonds, the logo already has "ENTERTAINMENT CORPORATION" below the initial logo, as it only shows the logo shining.

FX/SFX:The shining.

Music/Sounds: Played over the ending theme of a show.

Availability: Seen on the earliest episodes of Night Heat from the 1980s as well as other shows of that time.

Editor's Note: The graphics look quite ugly, and the light effects look cheesy.

2nd Logo
(September 22, 1987-July 25, 1991)

Alliance Entertainment CorporationAlliance Entertainment Corporation

Logo: We see a bright iris, then we see on a black-blue gradient background, is the word "ALLIANCE" is in the same style as before. The word "ENTERTAINMENT CORPORATION" fades in below. The logo shines.

FX/SFX: The iris, the shining.

Music/Sounds: The closing theme.

Availability: Uncommon, at least in America. Seen on reruns of Night Heat on DejaView (which was owned by CanWest Global, who bought out Alliance Atlantis's cable networks, and are now owned by Corus Entertainment), and should be intact on all other Alliance shows of the period whenever reran.

Editor's Note: None.

3rd Logo
(September 1, 1991-March 13, 1998)

: "The Metallic A"
, "The Frontier of the Australian Logo", "The Alliance A", "The Alliance Boomerang"

Logo: We see a dark night sky with mountains of metallic silver gemstones below, one of which streaks brightly. The screen cuts to a bird’s eye view of the gemstones. One of the pyramid-shaped gemstones rises into the air. We cut to a side view of the gemstone turning in the sky, then a facing view of the gemstone turning up on its side until it shapes a long isosceles triangle. A spark flies from the bottom left of the triangle. When the spark reaches the top, it brightens and the triangle turns into a boomerang-shaped metallic A with the text "ALLIANCE" written below in a Times New Roman font. The spark reaches the top and streaks again.

  • On French-language theatrical films and VHS tapes, the text "VIVAFILM" appears under the Alliance logo.
  • There exists a short version that starts when the "ALLIANCE" text appears.
  • Another short version exists that starts when the gemstone is turning up.
  • A filmed variant exists.
FX/SFX: Very good CGI animation for 1991! It still holds up great today.

Music/Sounds: Wind blowing, followed by a ding alongside a humming sound effect. Then, as the gemstone rises in the air, we hear a lush fanfare with synth string notes and a hit at the end with a ding. Sometimes, the fanfare is heard with a synth piano.

Availability: In Canada, this logo is somewhat common, while in the United States, it is uncommon bordering on rare. The short version appears on TV shows such as Beast Wars: Transformers, Due South, Once a Thief, ReBoot, and many other shows from the era. The short version also appears at the end and (sometimes) the beginning of films aired on Canadian TV. The long version pops up on theatrical and some TV movies, like Crash, The Sweet Hereafter, the Echo Bridge Home Entertainment DVD of Curtains (part of "The Midnight Horror Collection: Bloody Slashers"), and many Alliance Canadian VHS releases of U.S. films (mainly New Line Cinema, Fine Line Features, Dimension, and Miramax titles, among possible others). The version with the "Vivafilm" name is very rare and is only seen on French language versions of films and VHS releases distributed in the Quebec market. Don't expect to find this logo on newer prints of their titles, as they are now under different distributors and/or have this plastered with the AA logo. It was also spotted on an AT&T U-Verse Screen Pack print of Chili's Blues.

Editor's Note: This is a beautiful, atmospheric logo with great CGI and music to boot.