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Logo description by PAV123
Logo captures by Eric S., Livin', Mr. Logo Lord, and TheEriccorpinc
Video captures courtesy of TheRedBaron1985 and Eric S.

ACI (short for "Associated Communication, Inc.") was an independent television distribution company founded by Leonard Hill. ACI represented the libraries of Avnet/Kerner, Robert Greenwald Productions, Leonard Hill Films, Jaffe-Braunstein Films, The Konigsberg/Sanitsky Company, The Steve Tisch Company, and Von Zerneck-Sertner Films. The company was acquired by Pearson plc. in 1995, and in 1996, it became part of Pearson Television (now "FremantleMedia") until its demise in 1999.

(October 23, 1988-1999)

Nickname: "Filmstrip-A"

Logo: On a black background we see three teal filmstrips move in from the right of the background. They stop to form a triangle. The silver words "ACI" in gradient white with a registered trademark symbol next to it fades in beneath the triangle, while "
WORLDWIDE DISTRIBUTION" also in white in a Times New Roman font flash in beneath "ACI".

Byline: In 1997, the byline "A Pearson Television Company" fades in below replacing "WORLDWIDE DISTRIBUTION".

  • More common, "WORLDWIDE DISTRIBUTION" will be in a different font and each letter will be spaced "further" than normal. The Pearson byline can also appear in a different font.
  • A short version also exists.
  • There is another version where the logo morphs into the Pearson Television logo.
  • Some versions feature a darker color-scheme.
  • Sometimes, "WORLDWIDE DISTRIBUTION" would not appear under the logo.

FX/SFX: The filmstrips, and the text. None for the still version; the morphing transitions for the Pearson Television variant.

Music/Sounds: A calm synth fanfare with a piano key chord.

Music/Sounds Variants:
  • A longer version is heard with four jungle-like music notes.
  • The tail end of this theme is heard on the still version.
  • An abridged version of the Pearson fanfare is heard on the morphing variant.
  • Sometimes, due to logo plastering, the theme from the Von Zerneck/Sertner Films would be heard over the logo.

Availability: Rare. Seen on TV movies from the era such as Vanished Without a Trace and Cry in the Wild: The Taking of Peggy Ann.

Editor's Note: None.