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Logo description by WizardDuck
Logo captures by Shadeed A. Kelly, Eric S., V of Doom, and Gilblitz112
Editions by Shadeed A. Kelly, WizardDuck, and V of Doom
Video capture courtesy of TheMultiKingWorld and Eric S.

Background: Pearson Television was created in 1996 after Pearson plc. (a British-based media/educational conglomerate) renamed the former All American Television
under the behest of its founder/CEO Ian Pearson.
When Pearson plc. sold Pearson Television to CLT-UFA in 2000, the companies merged to form the RTL Group and by renaming Pearson Television to its new media conglomerate name; "FremantleMedia" (now Fremantle).

(1997-May 2002)
Pearson TV: 1998Pearson Television (Distributed By) (1997)Pearson Television InternationalPearson Television International (1997)Pearson Television International Distribution
Pearson Television International DistributionPearson Television (1999-2000)Pearson/Carlton (1998)Pearson-TVE
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Nickname: "The Shining Arc"

: We see a white screen, which condenses into a lens flare which curves along a green planet on a light blue background. The word "
PEARSON" zooms out, the background turns navy blue, and the planet shrinks into a small arc. "PEARSON" settles itself above the arc, and a streak below the arc brings forth either "TELEVISION" or "TELEVISION INTERNATIONAL". As the lens flare moves, it shines brightly, then towards the left, it shines again and turns into a star.

  • "Distributed By" may appear on either the normal or international variants if Pearson was distributing the program.
  • There is also a still-shot version with "DISTRIBUTED BY" above the television international variant.
  • Another variation has the byline "What the World is Watching" fading in on all television international versions.
  • In some shows, the logo is fast motioned.
  • There was a "Produced and Distributed By" variant that was seen on Falling from the Sky.
  • On Dale's Supermarket Sweep, the logo read "PEARSON TELEVISION and CARLTON CO-PRODUCTION" with "CARLTON" in its corporate font.
  • On El Precio Justo (TPIR in Spain), the logo animates in a box, next to the animated TVE logo, also in a box, on a black background. There is a copyright stamp below.
  • Earlier episodes of 100 Mexicanos Dijeron had an in-credit version of the logo, sometimes over the Televisa logo.

FX/SFX: The lens flare.

Music/Sounds: A synth-orchestra fanfare riddled with bells and shining sounds. On some shows, they use the ending theme. Towards the end of it's run, CBS used a generic saxophone/ synth theme on broadcasts of The Price is Right.

Availability: Rare.
  • This was not too common in the States, but can be seen on reruns of The Bill, among other shows in the UK and reruns of Neighbours in Australia.
  • It appeared on The Price is Right, Family Feud, and Baywatch (which is surprisingly appeared on one episode on its UK DVD of the latter), among others, though current Buzzr/Amazon prints of the 1999 Family Feud plaster it with the FremantleMedia North America logo.
  • The logo was last seen on the 2000-2001 edition of To Tell The Truth when re-aired on GSN.
  • The current American Public Television rerun package of Mr. Bean has the Pearson Television International logo edited over the Thames Television Triangle (versions 1 and 2) over all episodes except the Mr. Bean's Christmas episode. Oddly, the regular (non-international variant) logo can be seen at the end of Mitä Maksaa (TPIR in Finland) and Que Dice la Gente? (FF in Venezuela) as well, PAL-tweaked (though Venezuela still uses the NTSC format).
  • It's also recently seen on a episode of the 1998-1999 version of Match Game on GSN during a Match Game marathon on 25 December 2012.
  • A handful of episodes of Strike It Rich when aired on Challenge in the UK has this logo preserved (look for episodes with a 1999 copyright that is followed by a Grundy/LWT endcap), while all other episodes use the FremantleMedia logo.
  • The Pearson/Carlton combo survives on at least one episode of the 1998 season of Dale's Supermarket Sweep on Challenge, whilst other episodes plaster it and the Carlton-era 'CENTRAL Production' endcap with the FremantleMedia logo.

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