Mark Phillips Philms & Telephision

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Logo description by gshowguy
Logo capture by Pygmalion X

(March 10, 1997- )

Nicknames: "The Plane", "Bad Spelling"

Logo: On a cloudy sky background, a fighter cargo plane flies towards the screen and disappears, then out of nowhere, "MARK PHILLIPS", in a red <img align="right" alt="Mark Phillips Philms & Telephision (1997)" height="175" src="" title="Mark Phillips Philms & Telephision (1997)" width="233"/>cartoon font, zooms out, along with the intentionally misspelled yellow text "Philms & Telephision" on a brown banner. The same plane flies behind the logo, but only far away from the viewer and going horizontally.

FX/SFX: The plane flying, the logo zooming out.

Music/Sounds: The "buzzing" sound of the plane, followed by a voice-over on a CB radio saying "Please, Mark Phillips Philms & Telephision, come in".

Availability: Ultra rare. Seen the 1997 Family Channel version of Ralph Andrews' game show It Takes Two.

Editor's Note: None.