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Logo description by Michael Bass
Logo captures and editions by Shadeed A. Kelly, V of Doom, Gilblitz112, and Pygmalion X

Background: Scotti-Vinnedge Television (formerly "Scotti Brothers-Syd Vinnedge Television") was a production company owned by the Scotti brothers: Anthony and Ben, who also owned All American Television, Scotti Bros. Records, and Scotti Bros. Pictures and Syd Vinnedge, former executive producer of the long-running CBS game show The Price is Right. Scotti Bros. Entertainment Industries merged with AATV in 1991 by forming All American Communications (now "FremantleMedia North America").

Scotti-Vinnedge TV: 1980Scotti Brothers-Syd Vinnedge Television (1980)Scotti Brothers-Syd Vinnedge Television (1981)Scotti-Vinnedge TV-AT10: 1981Scotti-Vinnedge TV-AT10: 1982
Scotti-Vinnedge TV-AT10: 1983Scotti-Vinnedge TV-AT10: 1983-bScotti-Vinnedge TV-AT10: 1983-cScotti-Vinnedge TV-AT10: 1984Scotti Brothers-Syd Vinnedge Television (1986)
Scotti-Vinnedge TV: 1987Scotti-Vinnedge TV-AT10: 1988Scotti-Vinnedge TV-AT10: 1989Scotti-Vinnedge Television (1990)

Nicknames: "The Cougar", "The Mountain Lion"

Logo: On a white background, we see a circle that has a profile of a cougar (a.k.a. a mountain lion) facing right and the sky in the circle background is yellow with clouds. Below the circle is this white text that says "Scotti Bros" above and "Syd Vinnedge" below it with the word "Television" in a smaller font below it all in black lettering. "rothers" in the word "Brothers" appears to be in superscript:

Scotti Brothers
Syd Vinnedge

Later Variants:
  • This logo would appear superimposed in the credits with the words in white with a black shadow effect starting in 1981.
  • A purple line border would appear on the logo and a copyright stamp would appear starting in 1982. More of the purple boarder would appear in 1984.
  • Some 1983 episodes of America's Top 10 would have the copyright stamp in either a blue or purple shadowing.
  • On the 1986-1987 short-lived game show Wordplay, this logo would appear on a black background.
  • A variant of this logo seen in 1987 has a larger circle with a gold border and a blue background. Even the cougar, who as before faces right, is larger. The text is different as well, with "SCOTTI VINNEDGE" just below the cougar, and "Television" in cursive below. A copyright symbol and year are seen at the very bottom of the circle. On the final episode of Word Play, it's a still shot and appears on a white background with no copyright stamp. From 1989-1991, the copyright font is different.

FX/SFX: While the 1984 variant is still, the 1988 variant has all the text except the copyright stamp wiping in from the left, with the cursive text writing in. The cougar's jaw moves up and down as well.

  • The closing theme of the show or music from a specific record album.
  • Starting in 1990, the roar of a cougar is heard.

Availability: Near extinction. Seen on the syndicated music video countdown show America's Top 10 and the short-lived game show Word Play. This may have also been seen on the 1983 American Video Awards and the 1989 TV movie Jake Spanner, Private Eye.

Editor's Note: None.