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1st Logo

ITV (1950s)
Logo: Just the text "INDEPENDENT TELEVISION" stacked on top of each other.

FX/SFX: None, its a still logo.

Music/Sounds: None, but may contain music or a continuity announcer.

Availability: Extinct.

Editor's Note: TBA.

2nd Logo

ITV (1980s-1989)ITV presents (1980s)

: On a dark blue striped background, we see the big yellow letters "ITV". Beneath that is "PRESENTS" in white.

Variant: Sometimes the logo appears on a light blue background and the "ITV" logo is in 3D and is facing downwards. "PRESENTS" is much thinner than in the first logo.

FX/SFX: Possibly none.

Music/Sounds: Possibly none.

Availability: Extinct.

Editor's Note: TBA.

3rd Logo
(September 1, 1989-October 4, 1998)

Standard Logo:

ITV - CLG Wiki


Anglia Television (1989-1991)ITV 1989 Anglia ident (unused)Border Television (1989-1995)ITV (UK) - CLG WikiCentral Television (1989)ITV (UK) - CLG WikiChannel Television (1989-1991)Channel Television (1989)Granada Television (1989)ITV (UK) - CLG WikiGrampian Television (1989-1999)Grampian Television (1989)HTV (1989)HTV Cymru Wales (1989)HTV West (1989)Harlech/HTV - CLG WikiITV (UK) - CLG WikiHarlech/HTV - CLG WikiLondon Weekend Television (1989-1992)ITV (UK) - CLG WikiScottish Television (1989-1990)ITV (UK) - CLG WikiTelevision South West (1989)ITV (UK) - CLG WikiThames Television (1989)Thames Television (1990)ITV (UK) - CLG WikiITV-Thames Television: 1989TVS Television (1989)ITV (UK) - CLG WikiTyne Tees Television (1989)ITV (UK) - CLG WikiUlster Television (1989)ITV (UK) - CLG WikiYorkshire Television (1989-1995)ITV (UK) - CLG WikiYorkshire Television (1989)

Note: This was the first of ITV's generic logos, which varied for each ITV franchise it was shown on. It.
first appeared around 8pm on September.1, 1989.

Nicknames: "ITV Generic", "Get Ready"

Logo: On a black background, a "river" of colours are seen. On top of the river is the franchise's logo and below it is the franchise name in an italicized serif font. The logo wavers and disperses into the river, and in its place, various images of ITV programmes fly by from the right to the left, ones such as the Elizabeth Tower, a white bird,a basketball player, etc. As these images fly by, the letters "I" and "T", followed by half of the letter "V", fade in one by one. Finally, a blue vertical triangle with two lines coming from the left appears in place of the other half of the "V", containing part of the franchise's logo. The river fades out.

Franchise Variants: The parts of the franchises' logos that appeared in the aforementioned triangle, depending on the franchise, were as follows:
  • Anglia Television: Three blue and two yellow triangles from the "flag", together with some of the turquoise background. This was not used on-air, probably because too little of the Anglia flag was used.
  • Border Television: Part of the "B" in the Border logo, in light blue, against a dark blue background. Used until 1993.
  • Central: The rainbow colours in the "CGI cake". Used sparingly until 1990.
  • Channel Television: Part of the "C" from the "CTV stripes", in yellow, against a blue background. This was not used on-air.
  • Grampian Television: Most of the Scottish saltire, with the bottom section of the triangle in a lighter shade of blue. Used until 1998, longer than any of the other variants.
  • Granada: The upper part of the "G-arrow", in yellow with a section missing, against a purple background. This was not used on-air, probably because the line connecting the arrowhead was missing.
  • HTV (Cymru Wales, West): The "H" from the "aerial", against a background of two shades of blue. This was not used on-air.
  • LWT: The blue, white and red stripes, with the upper left secton of the triangle in grey. Used until 1992.
  • Scottish Television: The lower right part of the "thistle", in light blue, against a dark blue background. Used until December 1989.
  • TVS Television: The "S" from the TVS logotype, in silvery blue, against a background of whitish grey on the left and dark blue on the right. This was again, not used on-air.
  • Television South West: The upper part of the "hills" with part of the blue stripe at the bottom. This was also not used on-air.
  • Thames Television: The London landmarks against a blue background, with three wavy blue lines below representing the river Thames, and the bottom section of the triangle in dark orange. Used until 1990 (see below).
  • Tyne Tees: The left part of the "TTTV", in blue, against a yellow background (evoking their "Flowing Rivers" ident from 1988). Used until 1991.
  • Ulster Television: Part of the blue border and yellow zigzag from the version of the "oscilloscope" then used, against a whitish grey background. Once again, this was not used on-air.
  • Yorkshire Television: The left half of the yellow chevron against a dark blue background. Used until 1990 (see below).

Other Variants:
  • On occasion, the default logo would be used, which had no franchise name displayed at the bottom and had an ordinary blue triangle with three lines cut into its left side. (a la the VIVA Films logo).
  • Central used a variant which combined the company's existing "CGI Cake" animation with the ITV animation. This did not use the David Dundas music.
  • Granada did not use its ITV logo, but did occasionally use a variant combining its existing logo with the default logo above.
  • HTV also had their ITV logos re-edited to consist simply of the "aerial" on the river, with the station name quickly moving in below from the left of the screen, this re-edited version lasted until December 1992.
  • Thames unveiled a new triangle logo during 1990 and consequently incorporated it into a second version of its ITV logo, which was used only before networked programmes until October 1991.
  • Yorkshire in September 1991 had its ITV logo re-edited, so that the chevron appeared in place of the triangle before moving to the center of the screen as "ITV" faded out. This was used until 1994.

FX/SFX: The "river" and the ghost-like appearances of the images.

Music/Sounds: A rather airy synthesized flute theme that culminates in a 5-note trumpet fanfare, sometimes with the flute echoing at the end. Composed by David Dundas as an ITV jingle. A continuity announcement may be used, as well.

Music/Sounds/Variant: Central' ITV logo used the company's existing jingle instead of the David Dundas music, or it was mixed up with central own ident.

Availability: They are all extinct, but have been preserved by logo enthusiasts in the UK. As mentioned above, while some were actually used, some never appeared on-air.

Editor's Note: This logo is a favorite of many UK logo enthusiasts, although some of the regional logos don't fit the vertical triangle too well (particularly in the case of Channel Television, Scottish Television, TVS Television, and Tyne Tees).

4th Logo
(November 8, 1999-October 28, 2002)

Standard Logos:

ITV - CLG WikiITV - CLG Wiki


ITV (UK) - CLG WikiMeridian Television (1999)Anglia Television (1999)Border Television (1999)ITV - CLG WikiChannel Television (1999)Yorkshire Television (1999-2001)ITV (UK) - CLG WikiITV - CLG WikiHTV (1999-2002)ITV - CLG Wiki

: "TV From The Heart", "ITV Generic II"

Logo: A short film plays which culminating in the appearance of a heart. The heart flashes, which transitions to a blue background with spinning heart panels segmented in three. The franchise name/logo appears with a blue border surrounding the logo, and at the bottom of the border in a blue square are the yellow letters "itv". Only used by Granada or UNM-owned.stations.

  • If the franchise's logo was separate from their name (e.g. Granada's G symbol), it would appear above the franchise's name.
  • For continuity announcements during nighttime programs, a default version would be used, in which the ITV logo would only be displayed.
  • There would be some golden panels used in the daytime, and in the nighttime, they would be all blue.
  • Starting on August 11, 2001, during the switch to ITV1, the ITV1 logo appears below, which has the "1" inside a yellow square.
  • Sometimes, the short film is skipped, and this animation is used instead. The franchise name/logo appears via a Matrix-like "digitizing" effect.
  • Sometimes the short film/logo animation is skipped, leaving the logo fully formed and the synth music playing. This is usually used for some continuity announcements.
  • Later versions bear the franchise or network's URL at the bottom or bottom-right corner of the screen. The URL is in white, and has a similar look to the ITV/ITV1 logo.

FX/SFX: The spinning hearts and the "digitizing" effect.

Music/Sounds: A tense orchestrated fanfare during the initial short film/logo animation culminating in a 5-note piano fanfare and a dramatic synth fanfare, the ladder plays when the logo is fully formed. The continuity announcements sometimes accompanied the synth fanfare.

Availability: Extinct, but this is one of ITV's generic logos, and as such appears elsewhere with a different logo.

Editor's Note: This was an unpopular logo among many due to the consolidation of the unique visual identities of ITV into one.


Background: On October 28, 2002, most ITV franchises dropped their in-air branding, adopting an unified "ITV1" brand. On 2004, Carlton and Granada, the two biggest companies owning ITV franchises merged to form ITV plc.

1st Logo

October 28, 2002-November 1, 2004)

ITV1 (2003)ITV1 (2002)

: We see a montage of various ITV1 personalities, which ends with the ITV1 logo in 3D sliding toward the bottom right in pieces before coming together.

Variant: There is a different variant in which the ITV1 logo revolves and forms itself on a background of spinning blue panels. Also, in this variant, the logo zooms in a bit.

FX/SFX: The panels and zooming.

Music/Sounds: A rather uninspired jazz-like tune, or an equally uninspired guitar tune. This is sometimes accompanied by a continuity announcement.

Availability: Extinct. Check your tapes for the logo.

Editor's Note: TBA.

2nd Logo
November 1, 2004-January 16, 2006)
ITV1 (2004)ITV1 (2005)
<iframe align="bottom" frameborder="0" height="164" src="" width="292"></iframe>

Logo: On a certain animated background, we see three blue boxes rotate before rotating and this time we see a yellow cube with the number "1" on each side of the cube along with 3 other blue squares around it which rotate to find on the other side the letters "itv" on them, they align with the yellow cube which turns into a square when aligned with the three smaller blue squares and once it's done that the squares shine for a few seconds.

Variant: There were several animated background idents that were used through out the time that this was used including a Ribbons, Lines, Bubbles and Clouds ident that were first shown in 2004 and in 2005, a Christmas variant was used.

FX/SFX: The animated background, and the shapes moving.

Music/Sounds: TBA

Availability: Extinct due to newer idents being used.

Editor's Note: TBA.

3rd Logo
(January 16, 2006-November 13, 2006)

ITV1 (January 2006)ITV1 (January 2006, B)

Logo: TBA


Music/Sounds: TBA

Availability: TBA

Editor's Note: TBA

4th Logo
(November 13, 2006-January 14, 2013)

ITV1 (September 2006)ITV1 (2007)
<iframe align="bottom" frameborder="0" height="167" src="" width="295"></iframe>

Logo: We see live-action footage of objects flying around or growing and the words "itv" which are around a yellow rectangle and the number "1" in white along with a vertical yellow rectangle beside it tend to fade in part way through these idents.

Variant: The live-action footages idents shown from November 2006-April 2010 include a Basketball, Beach, Bikes, Buildings, Bubbles, Fountains, Garden, Lake, Market and Pavement Art (GMTV variant included) idents. A Christmas ident was used in 2009. The other idents shown from April 2010-January 2013 include a Sunflower, Bubbles, Garden, Market and Basketball ident. A drama ident was used from September 2012-January 2013 to rebrand the drama shows shown on ITV1 from that period.


Music/Sounds: A quiet clarinet tune.

Availability: Extinct.

Editor's Note: TBA.

ITV Productions


ITV (UK) - CLG WikiITV (UK) - CLG Wiki
<iframe align="bottom" frameborder="0" height="166" src="" width="295"></iframe>

Logo: On a blurred background in which there are skyscrapers around and the sky is blue we see a long white rectangle appear and strech out and the words "itv Productions" are seen as the white rectangle stretches out, the words "itv" are in white and are in a blue rectangle.

Variant: On one program the text says:

itv Productions

FX/SFX: The background zooming out, and the white rectangle stretching out.

Music/Sounds: The ending theme of the TV show.

Availability: Uncommon. This was used in tandem with the last Granada logo, with this logo being used on ITV-produced shows airing on their channels. One example being Season 3 of Blue Murder.

Editor's Note: TBA.

ITV Studios

1st Logo

ITV Studios (2009-A)ITV Studios (2009-B)ITV (UK) - CLG WikiITV Studios EntertainmentITV Global (2009)ITV (UK) - CLG WikiITV (UK) - CLG Wiki

: On a black background, we see a three-dimensional blue and purple curved design, that resembles an aurora,appear with the ITV logo and a larger text that reads "STUDIOS" appearing inside the opening of the design.

  • On Countdown, the logo scrolls up in the credits in its own black box, along with a copyright stamp below that reads "© ITV STUDIOS LIMITED [year]."
  • On programmes co-produced with WGBH in Boston, Massachusetts, below the logo is small text that reads "in association with," with the WGBH logo below in blue.
  • There is a white background version used for the video game adaptation of Nanny 911, with "Global Entertainment" written below. The similar version with only "GLOBAL" was used on Countdown for the Nintendo DS.
  • For its American division, the word "America" is seen below.
  • A still version exists.

FX/SFX: The flower and words popping up. For the Countdown variant, the scrolling in the credits. A still version also exists.

Music/Sounds: A synth choir or the end theme of the show. A silent version exists.

Availability: Common. Seen on various ITV made shows including the first few seasons of The Chase, episodes of Countdown from this time period, as well as the American ultra short-lived series Sit Down, Shut Up. The American variant was seen on U.S. shows since 2010 including Hell's Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, America Now, The Jeremy Kyle Show, Prime Suspect, and The Bill Cunningham Show among others. The version with a white background is seen on the Nanny 911 game. This also appeared on the short-lived sitcom Family Tools.

Editor's Note: TBA.

2nd Logo
(January 14, 2013- )

ITV Studios (2013)ITV Studios AmericaITV Studios Australia (2013)ITV Studios Nordic (2016)ITV Studios (2013)ITV Studios Global EntertainmentITV (UK) - CLG WikiITV Studios Global (2014)

: On a white background, we see the 2013 ITV logo and the word "S T U D I O S" appear letter by letter. Two curved shadows slide in as well.

Variant: For its American and Australia divisions, either "AMERICA™", "AUSTRALIA" or "NORDIC" (depending on the region) appears below in the same matter as "S T U D I O S". For programs distributed internationally and on DVD, the words "GLOBAL ENTERTAINMENT" appear below in the same manner as "S T U D I O S". This variant plays slower than the normal logo.

FX/SFX: The letters fading/flipping and shadows sliding in.

Music/Sounds: A three-note synth theme. Some shows might have the end theme of the program playing over it (episodes of Knightmare on Challenge has the end of the show's theme playing over the "GLOBAL ENTERTAINMENT" logo). An extended version of the theme has the notes drawn out a little longer.
On The Chase USA broadcasts on Challenge, a low-tone version of this logo exists of the GLOBAL ENTERTAINMENT variant due to it plastering the ITV Studios America logo, but keeping the original audio.

Availability: Depending on the variant:
  • Normal: Current. Should be at the end of ITV productions in the UK.
  • Global Entertainment Version: Common, as this version is normally the variant used to plaster older logos. it plasters the Angelia logo on the first two seasons of Knightmare (seasons 3 and 4 retain the 'Anglia Production for ITV' end card) and the Central logo on various episodes of Family Fortunes on Challenge, as well as the 1994 series of Blockbusters on the same channel. The low-tone version plasters the ITV Studios America logo all season 1 and all but one season 2 episodes of The Chase USA when it airs on Challenge. As of recent, it's starting to plaster the 1st ITV Studios logo on 2010-onwards episodes of The Chase when repeated on Challenge.
  • International Variants: For the American version, it can been seen on new episodes of The Bill Cunningham Show, Hell's Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, and America Now, and appears as an in-credit logo on The Chase USA. The Australian variant can be seen on I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! on Ten, Shaun Micallef's Mad As Hell on ABC, The Chase Australia and Hell's Kitchen Australia on Seven. The Nordic variant could be spotted on the Finnish talk show Elämää Pelissä on Yle TV1.

Editor's Note: TBA.