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Logo descriptions by Eric S., Hoa, mr3urious and Livin'
Logo captures by Eric S., DudeThatLogo, V of Doom, TheEriccorpinc, and Pygmalion X

Background: Tomorrow Entertainment, Inc. was a production company that was founded by former American Broadcasting Company president Tom Moore, and formerly owned by General Electric, which also owned Rankin-Bass at one point. In 1974, GE decided to shut down and sell off its entertainment properties, and Tomorrow was sold to advertising agency Dancer Fitzgerald Sample. Tomorrow's management was able to buy out DFS's shares in 1983. The company planned a move into feature films starting in 1985, but this was not successful, and Tomorrow closed around 1986; their last film, an adaptation of the comic book Brenda Starr, was delayed until 1989 (at which point it was released through a partnership with Trans World Entertainment). GE retained the rights to the pre-January 1, 1975 Tomorrow library until 1988, when it was sold to Broadway Video; it is now controlled by NBCUniversal by way of DreamWorks Animation and Classic Media. The post-1975 Tomorrow library is presumably in the hands of CBS Television Distribution; Viacom Enterprises had distribution rights to the Tomorrow Entertainment catalog in the early 1980s. In August 1971, Tomorrow Entertainment acquired Alan Landsburg Productions and later sold ALP to Reeves Teletape Corp. (later part of "Reeves Communications") on September 18, 1978.

1st Logo
Tomorrow Entertainment (1972)Tomorrow Entertainment (1972)Tomorrow Entertainment (1972)Tomorrow Entertainment (1973)Tomorrow Entertainment, Inc.
Tomorrow EntertainmentTomorrow Entertainment, Inc. ProductionTomorrow EntertainmentTomorrow Entertainment PresentationTomorrow Entertainment (1975)

Nicknames: "TE", "A Tom
orrow Entertainment, Inc. Production"

Logo: Superimposed on the closing credits is a futuristic-looking "TE", with the "E" formed out of three little parallelograms (with the top parallelogram being longer than the rest). The words "a tomorrow entertainment, inc. production" or "tomorrow entertainment, inc. production" are shown to the right in a rounded font.

  • The logo may change depending of the movie where it is shown.
  • Sometimes, the logo is placed on a colored background. Colors include dark blue, white, and dark gray.
  • On distributed shows, "presentation", is seen instead of "production".

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: The closing theme of the show.

Availability: Uncommon. May pop-up on some TV movies produced by Tomorrow Entertainment shown on cable such as The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman, Queen of the Stardust Ballroom, or Born Innocent.

Editor's Note: None.

2nd Logo
Tomorrow Entertainment, Inc.Tomorrow Entertainment (1976)Tomorrow Entertainment, Inc. (1970s)

Nicknames: "TE II", "The Hummingbird"

Logo: On a light blue background with part of a white rectangle below, we see a hummingbird flying toward us. It flies down and back as the "T" from the same logo from before comes together, with the E sliding in its place from the right. The hummingbird flies through the base of the "T" and out of the top line of the "E", and the "TE" slides up with a residue-trailing effect. The hummingbird then flies around the top of the "T" as the words:

----- from

appear below in black, along with the byline "A Subsidiary of General Electric" with the GE logo beside it. The hummingbird stays in flight next to the left of the "TE".

Variant: A still version exists. Here the background isblue, the "TE" is yellow, "from" it's omitted, the text "TOMORROW ENTERTAINMENT, INC." is in white, and the logo is bylineless.

FX/SFX: The animations of the hummingbird and letters, which are all done using traditional cel animation.

Music/Sounds: A series of musical electronic beeping sounds playing throughout, along with a rising flourish of beeps,ending with a deep "bing" as the company name and byline appears below.

Availability: Extremely rare. The still version did show up on The Disappearance of Aimee.

Editor's Note: The design for the "TE" is the only one with identical-looking parallelograms, which raises the question that the logos before and after this were done intentionally or not.

3rd Logo
(1980-February 8, 1985)

Nicknames: "TE III", "Silver Hummingbird"

Logo: On a yellow background, we see the Tomorrow Entertainment logo (in the same design as the 1st logo). The words "TOMORROW ENTERTAINMENT, INC." are seen below the "TE". Suddenly, a silvered hummingbird appears flying from the left and stays in flight next to the left of the "TE".

FX/SFX: The hummingbird flying.

Music/Sounds: When two long deep notes are heard, a series of musical electronic beeps are played synchronized with the hummingbird's flight.

Availability: Extremely rare. It can be seen at the end of the RCA/Columbia Pictures edition of the TV special Gnomes, as well as the Family Home Entertainment VHS of Faeries and other TV movies from the company from the time.

Editor's Note: While the hummingbird's animation is nice, it does not go well with the TE design.

4th Logo
(February 9, 1985-March 14, 1986)

Nicknames: "TE IV", "Sunrise Towards Tomorrow"

Logo: We see a blue nighttime background. The "TE" logo zooms out, turning the background into a dawn sky as it does so, accompanied by the words "TOMORROW ENTERTAINMENT" in a font similar to the one used in the title card of Family Matters (known as Bookman swash italic). Four sparkles flash on the words and the "TE", one at a time, while a glowing circle (the sun) appears in the "TE".

FX/SFX: The "TE" zooming out, and the sparkles flashing. Typical 80's animation.

Music/Sounds: A synth crescendo, followed by four notes accompanied by a synth sounder.

Availability: Extremely rare. Only known to appear on On Being a Father and Bad Guys.

Editor's Note: None.