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Logo descriptions by Seconteen and Shadeed A. Kelly
Logo captures by V of Doom
and Shadeed A. Kelly
Video capture courtesy of Angelmickey32

Background: Disney's Hollywood Studios is a functioning studio and theme park attraction located at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. It was formerly known as "Disney-MGM Studios" from its 1989 inception until 2008, when it was renamed Disney's Hollywood Studios. Despite its former name, it was never affiliated with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, which only licensed the name to Disney.

1st Logo
(October 1991-1995?)

Logo: On a peach/lavender-magenta/salmon gradient background,
we have a sky blue bar with a red line above and below on the bar. Inside it says "DiSNEY·MGM" with the word "DiSNEY" in its Disney-MGM Studios: 1991trademarked script font on the left and "MGM" on the right with a center dot in the middle all in white. Below the bar has the word "STUDIOS" in Broadway font in red with a shadow effect and in spaced-out letters.

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds/Voice-over: The end title theme of the show. Later in the weeks on Wheel of Fortune, Charlie O'Donnell would announce:
  • 1991: "Wheel of Fortune was taped at Disney·MGM Studios in Florida (on the 1991 Merv Griffin Enterprises logo) and is a Merv Griffin Enterprises Production, (on the 1990 King World logo) distributed by King World.".
  • 1992-1994?: "Production facilities provided by Disney-MGM Studios.".

Availability: Extinct. It was seen on Wheel of Fortune episodes that were taped at the Disney-MGM Studios.

Editor's Note: None.

2nd Logo
Produced at Disney-MGM StudiosDisney-MGM Studios (1992)

Nicknames: "The Earful Tower", "Disney Tower", "Mickey Tower", "Disney World!", "The Disney World Tower"

Logo: On a dusk background, we see a Mickey Mouse-shaped water tower with the text "Videotaped at" or "Produced at" over it. The tower has "DiSNEY-MGM STUDIOS" on it. The Mickey ears on the logo have blinking lights on it, and one corner of it is covered by leaves from a tree under the tower.

Trivia: The Water Tower in this logo is actually a real tower located at Disney-Hollywood Studios (the current name for "Disney-MGM Studios") at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The logo also appeared on the opening of the Disney-MGM studios' first day. The text was lacked though except for the words on the tower.

FX/SFX: The lights on the tower.

Music/Sounds/Voice-over: An off-camera voice-over says "Videotaped at the Disney-MGM Studios, Lake Buena Vista, Florida" or "The Mickey Mouse Club/MMC was taped before a live studio audience at the Disney-MGM Studios, Lake Buena Vista, Florida." The former voice variant is done by the White Rabbit from Adventures in Wonderland. Oddly enough, season 1 and 2 episodes of Mickey Mouse Club did not have the voiceover.

Availability: Rare. This logo was last seen on Mickey Mouse Club and Adventures in Wonderland. Can still be seen on old VHS tapes of Adventures in Wonderland. Also seen on episodes of WCW Worldwidein 1995.

Editor's Note: This is a favorite of many.

3rd Logo
(April 28-May 5, 1995)
Disney-MGM Studios (1995)

Logo: We see a panning overhead shot of the then-current Disney-MGM Studios. Suddenly, a slightly modified version of the print Disney-MGM Studios logo zooms up to the screen, Mickey with clapperboard and all. The background then turns black.

FX/SFX: The overhead shot, the logo zooming in, and the background changing.

Music/Sounds/Voice-over: Jo Marie Payton as Harriette Winslow from Family Matters says "Production Services for Family Matters provided by Disney-MGM Studios in Florida" while a standard music cue for the show plays in the background.

Availability: Rare. Only seen on the two-part Family Matters special "We're Going to Disney World". This logo may be preserved on the Family Matters Season 6 DVD set.

Editor's Note: None.