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Logo descriptions by Eric S.
Logo captures by Eric S. and

1st Logo

Gaylord Production, Co. PresentationVarious Television Logos - CLG WikiGaylord Production Company (1980-1986)Gaylord Production Company

: "The G"

: On a black background, we see three lines making a "G". The lines are one red, one orange, and one yellow. Then the words "A GAYLORD PRODUCTION CO." and under it "PRESENTATION" fades in.

  • An early variant had all the text written below in Times New Roman.
  • On Galaxy Rangers, "In Association With" was seen over the logo.
  • Closing variants are still.

: The "G" forming.

Music/Sounds: A string sound when the "G" is forming, then an allegro orchestra when the logo is formed.

: Appeared on The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers
, Six Against The Rock and several other TV-movies.

Editor's Note
: None.

2nd Logo

Gaylord Production Company (1988)Nickname: "The G Ball"

Logo: Against a blue/black gradient background, a silver CGI ball zooms in and quickly fades out. The "G" from the 1st logo, except in silver, is drawn in. "GAYLORD PRODUCTION COMPANY", in black, and below a thin black line, is shown below.

Variant: Sometimes the logo faded out early.

FX/SFX: '80s CGI animation.

Music/Sounds: A deep synth bass ending in a synth fanfare or the closing theme of the movie.

Availability: Appeared on later TV-movies, such as Laura Lansing Slept Here, Bonanza: The Next Generation and the comedy skit Off The Wall.

Editor's Note
: None.