Solow Production Company

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Logo description by Stephen Cezar
Logo capture by Derrick Anderson
Video capture courtesy of Eric S. (with special permission from Derrick Anderson)

Background: The Solow Production Company was the company of Herbert J. Solow, which was spun off from the live action producing arm of Hanna-Barbera (now an in-name-only brand of Warner Bros. Animation). The only series this company produced was the NBC-TV show The Man from Atlantis. This show is owned by Warner Bros. Television, since they own the Hanna-Barbera library.

(September 22, 1977-June 6, 1978)

Nickname: "The Bird and the Moonlight"

Logo: A Falcon is depicted flying against a yellow Sun motif on a black background. "SOLOW PRODUCTION COMPANY" is seen in yellow below, with the byline "A TAFT BROADCASTING COMPANY" also seen below.

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: A somber guitar theme.

Availability: Preserved on the Warner Archive releases of Man from Atlantis, including the pilot. It was followed by the Worldvision Enterprises "Radar Globe" logo on syndicated prints.

Editor's Note: None.