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This is the Movie section of the CLG Wiki. All movie logo descriptions will be posted here.

Wagner/Cuban Companies (HDNet Films, 2929 Productions, Magnolia Pictures, Magnet Releasing)

The Walt Disney Company (Walt Disney Pictures, Disneynature,
Lucasfilm Ltd., Marvel Studios, Marvel Knights, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Buena Vista Pictures Distribution, Buena Vista International, ABC Motion Pictures, Hollywood Pictures, Caravan Pictures, Selmur Pictures, Palomar Pictures International, Libra Pictures, Touchstone Pictures,
21st Century Fox, 20th Century Studios, Searchlight Pictures, Fox Atomic, Fox International Productions, Fox STAR Studios, Fox Faith, Fox Europe, New World Pictures, Learning Corporation of America, Highgate Pictures, Four Star-Excelsior Releasing Company, Gemini Film)

The Bertelsmann Foundation/The Mohn Family (Universum Film GmBH, Universum Film, Random House Films, Scotti Bros. Pictures, Thames Silents)

BBC (BBC Films)

MGM Holdings Inc. (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, MGM/UA Communications Co., United Artists Releasing, United Artists, United Artists Classics, Orion Pictures, Orion Classics, The Samuel Goldwyn Company, G2 Films, Goldwyn Entertainment Company, Heritage Entertainment Films, American International Pictures, Filmways Pictures, Sigma III Corporation, Cannon Films, Dominant Pictures Corporation)

Comcast Corporation (Universal Studios, FilmDistrict, USA Films, Focus Features, Universal Focus, Good Machine, October Films, PolyGram Filmed Entertainment,
Associated Film Distribution, ITC Film Distributors Ltd., Propaganda Films, Gramercy Pictures, Interscope Communications, Island Pictures, A&M Films, Working Title Films, Geffen Pictures, Victor Studios, United World Films, International Pictures Corporation)

Sony Corporation (Sony, Columbia Pictures, Columbia TriStar Film Distributors International, Columbia Pictures Italia, Rastar Films, TriStar Pictures, Screen Gems Pictures, Sony Pictures Classics, Sony Movie Channel Originals, The Orchard, Triumph Films, Destination Films, Stage 6 Films, Affirm Films, Sony Pictures Releasing
, Provident Films, Monumental Pictures)

AT&T Inc. (Warner Bros. Pictures, Warner Independent Pictures, Castle Rock Entertainment, HBO Films, Lorimar Film Entertainment, New Line Cinema, Fine Line Features, Nelson Entertainment, Bel Air Entertainment, Seven Arts Productions, Seven Arts Pictures, Ted Turner Pictures, Turner Classic Movies, Brut Pictures, First Artists Pictures, The Essanay Film Manufacturing Company)

Access Industries (WarnerVision Films, Rhino Films)

National Amusements, Inc. (Paramount Pictures, Paramount Vantage, Artcraft Pictures, Bailey Films, Liberty Films, Unity Pictures, CBS Films, CBS Theatrical Films, Cinema Center Films, Group W Films, InterStar Releasing, CMT Films, Comedy Central Films, MTV Films, VH1 Films, Republic Pictures, Mascot Pictures, Invincible Pictures, Liberty Pictures, Raytone Productions, Sono Art/World Wide Pictures, Commonwealth United Entertainment, National Telefilm Associates Pictures, United Pictures Corporation, Spelling Films, Taft Entertainment Pictures, Sunn Classic Pictures, Jensen Farley Pictures)

Amblin Partners (Amblin Entertainment,
DreamWorks Pictures, Go Fish Pictures)

Lions Gate Entertainment Corporation (Lionsgate Films, Lionsgate Premiere, Mandate Pictures, Summit Entertainment, Roadside Attractions, Pantelion Films, Redbus Pictures, Redbus Film Distribution, Helkon SK, C/FP Distribution, <a href="/page/Cin%C3%A9pix+Film+Properties+%28Canada%29" target="_self">Cinépix Film Properties</a>, Trimark Pictures, Vestron Pictures,
Moviestore Entertainment, Interaccess Film Distribution, Lightning Pictures,
Starz! Pictures, Overture Films, Anchor Bay Films

Lantern Capital (The Weinstein Company,
Our Stories Films, Dragon Dynasty, Dimension Films, Dimension Extreme Films, Third Rail Releasing)

beIN Media Group (Miramax Films, Prestige Films, Millimeter Films)

Vivendi S.A. (Paravision International, Parafrance Films, Almi Pictures Productions,
StudioCanal, Interscope/Shady/Aftermath Films)

Citigroup, Inc. (Associated British Corporation, Thorn EMI Screen Entertainment, EMI Films, Anglo-Amalgamated Films)

Cerberus Capital Management, L.P. (Spyglass Entertainment)

Robert Rodriguez Companies (Troublemaker Studios, Rodriguez International Pictures)

Relativity Media LLC (Relativity Media, Rogue)

RKO Pictures, LLC (RKO Pictures)

Endemol Shine Group B.V. (Kudos Pictures, Tiger Aspect Pictures)

Mediaset S.p.A. (Medusa Communications, Medusa Film, Compagnia Distribuzione Internazionale, Penta Film, Penta Pictures)

Gaiam, Inc. (Gaiam Vivendi Entertainment)

De Agostini S.p.A. (Yellow Bird Films)

Shaw Communications (Seven Arts International)

Hasbro, Inc. (Entertainment One, RCV Entertainment, Maximum Entertainment, Best Sellers, Koch Entertainment, Seville Pictures
, Alliance Films, Le Monde Entertainment, Maple Pictures, Hopscotch Films, Momentum Pictures, Aurum Producciones, Phase 4 Films)

Troma Entertainment, Inc. (
Troma Entertainment, 50th Street Films)

Western-World Television, Inc. (
World Video Pictures)

Allied Artists International, Inc. (
Allied Artists Pictures Corporation, Monogram Pictures)

Village Roadshow Corporation (De Laurentiis Entertainment Group,
Embassy Films Associates, Roadshow Entertainment, Village Roadshow Pictures)

WWE Inc. (WWE Studios)

New Concorde (New Concorde, New Horizons, Concorde Films)

Nu Image, Inc. (
Nu Image Films, Millennium Films, Equity Pictures)

Crédit Agricole (Epic Productions, Vision P.D.G. International, Empire International, Urban Classics)

Work-out Video Companies (Jane Fonda Workout, Maier Group)

Brazilian Companies (Globo Filmes,Imagem Filmes)

Chilean Companies (Cine BancoEstado, Chilechita Producciones)

Chinese Companies (Changchun Film Studio)

French Companies (Acteurs Auteurs Associés (AAA), ARP Selection, EuropaCorp, <a href="/page/Fil+%C3%A0+Film+%28France%29" target="_self">Fil à </a><a href="/page/Fil+%C3%A0+Film+%28France%29" target="_self">Film</a>, Gaumont, <a href="/page/Path%C3%A9" target="_self">Pathé</a>, TF1, UGC)

German Companies (Atlas Film Zeigt, Concorde Filmverleih, Constantin Film, Decla Film, IHV, Limar Film, Scala)

Greek Companies (AGM Home Video, Festival Home Video, Hellas Kosmos Video, Hi-Tech Video, Original Video, Video Acropolis, Video City International, Videosonic)

Hong Kong and Cantonese Companies (Alan and Eric Films Limited, Bo-Ho Films, Bojon Films Company, Brandy Film Limited, Chang's Film Corp., Cheung Yau Production Co., China Horse Films Production Company, Cinema City & Films Co., Concord Productions, David Lam Films, Eternal Film, Film Business International Limited, Film Workshop, Fortune Star, Fu Ngai Films, Galaxy Films, Golden Gate Films, Golden Harvest, Golden Princess Film Production, Head Men Productions, In-Gear Film Production Co. Ltd., J&J Rainboworld Enterprises, John Woo Film Production, Ltd., Lo Wei Motion Picture Co. Ltd., Mandarin Films Limited, Media Asia Group, Mei Ah Laser Disc Co. Ltd., Milkyway Image Ltd., Movie Impact Limited, Long Shong Pictures, One Hundred Years of Film, Pak Ming Films Ltd., PopMovies, Rical Production Company Limited, Shaw Brothers, Star Entertainment Corp., United Filmakers Organization (UFO), Universe Entertainment, Verdull, Wang Lee Film Enterprises Co., Win's Entertainment)

Indonesian Companies (Kanta Indah Film)

Italian Companies (Artisti Associati, Aurelio De Laurentiis Multimedia, Capitol International, Cecchi Gori, CEIAD, Cei-Incom, Cineriz, Domovideo, ENIC, Edizioni Tropici, Euro International Films, Fida Cinematografica, Filmar, Filmauro, Fincine, Fortuniafilm, Inter Record, Italian International Film, LUCE, Lux Film, Mikado, Minerva Film, Panarecord, Scala Film, Titanus, Variety Film)

Japanese Companies (Toei, Toho, Daiei, Shochiku, Nikkatsu, Shintoho, VAP)

Scandinavian Companies (Baroness Videovision, Din Video, Egmont Film/Entertainment, Esselte Video, Magnum Video, Mariann Video, Nordisk Film, Scand Video, Trix Videofilmer, Videce Videocentralen, Walthers Video, Westcon Home Video)

Spanish Companies (Antena 3 Films, Filmax, Lauren Films, <a href="/page/%C3%8Dzaro+Films+%28Spain%29" target="_self">Ízaro Films</a>, Vernal Media, Motion Pictures S.A., Selecta Visión, Manga Films, <a href="/page/Record+Visi%C3%B3n%2FRecord+Pictures+%28Spain%29" target="_self">Record Visión</a>, Porkie Home Video, DeAPlaneta, Picasso Studios, Alta-Classics, Vídeo Diversión, Ivs, Cameo, S.A.V. , Visa Films, C.B. Films, Sogepaq, Movierecord, Llamentol, L'Atelier 13, Telcom International Group, Videojoven, Viva Home Video, Divisa Home Video, Grupo Planeta's subsidiaries, Luk Internacional, José Frade, Tri Pictures, Estudios Vara, Araba Films, Manuel Esteba P.C., <a href="/page/Track+Media%2FEuromedia+Visi%C3%B3n+%28Spain%29" target="_self" title="Track Media/Euromedia Visión">Track Media/Euromedia Visión</a>, Cruz Delgado, Warren Films)

Mexican Companies (Cine Real, Estudios América, Filmex, Ramex, Televicine)

South Korean Companies (Korean Literature Film Co., Ltd.)

Vanity & Miscellaneous (21st Century Film Corporation, 1492 Pictures, A&A Production Company Limited, Airtight Productions, American Zoetrope, American Independent Productions, Applause Productions Inc., Aspen Film Society, Atlantic Releasing Corporation, The Badham-Cohen Group, Beacon Pictures, Bel-Air Productions, Box Office International Pictures, Brent Walker Film Distributors Limited,
Bryanston Pictures, C2 Pictures, Capital Arts Entertainment, Carolco Pictures, Cinergi Pictures, Cinerama Releasing Corporation, Compass International Pictures, Constellation Films, Curb Esquire Films, Davis Entertainment, Davis-Films, Dick Clark Video, Dino de Laurentiis Company, Entertainment Partners, Equinoxe Films, FAI Films, Franchise Pictures, Genius Products, Hemdale Communications, Hometown Films, HPG Home Video, Hyperion Pictures, National General Corporation, Icon Productions, ImageMovers Digital, Imagine Films, Imperial Entertainment, Initial Entertainment Group, Intercontinental Releasing Corporation, Interglobal Video, InterMedia, Interlight Pictures, J&M Entertainment, Jerry Bruckheimer Films, JW Productions, Lakeshore Entertainment, Largo Entertainment, Leonard Goldstein Productions, Libra Pictures, Lightmotive-Allied Filmmakers, Lightstorm Entertainment, Lion's Gate Films, Mandalay Pictures, Media West Home Video, The Montecito Picture Company, Monterey Video, Morgan Creek Productions, Motion Picture Corporation of America, Mutual Film Corporation, Newmarket Films, New Visions Pictures, New Yorker Films, Off Hollywood Video, Overbrook Entertainment, Pandora Films, Phoenix Films, Phoenix Pictures, Picturehouse Films, Producers Sales Organization, Rainbow Releasing Productions, The Rank Organisation, Regency Enterprises, Revelation Films, Revolution Studios, Rialto Pictures, Roger Birnbaum Productions, Samuel Goldwyn Films, Satori Corporation, Savoy Pictures, SC Entertainment,Seagal/Nasso Productions, Selznick International Pictures, Seven Arts Entertainment, Silver Pictures, Simitar Entertainment, SLM Productions, Sun Artists, Sunn Classic Pictures Inc., Time-Life Films, Time-Life Video, Triboro Entertainment Group, Valhalla Motion Pictures, VidAmerica, View Askew Productions, United International Pictures, Cinema International Corporation, Wiseau Films, Walmart, Wayne/Fellows Productions, Weintraub Entertainment Group, Wind Dancer Films, Wood Knapp, Yari Film Group Releasing, The Zanuck Company, Other Movie Companies)