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Logo description by Shadeed A. Kelly
Logo capture by EnormousRat

: Helkon SK was a British motion picture distributor that was founded on May 6, 2001 formerly known as "Redbus Film Distribution". German company Helkon Media AG acquired Redbus and changed its name to reflect its partnership with Helkon Media until May 6, 2003, when Helkon SK split from Helkon Media and renamed it back to Redbus.


Nicknames: "Colosseum", "Helkon Colosseum"

Logo: On a black background, we see a small Colosseum. The walls are blue and inside is gold with a gold light shining. Below is the text "HELKON SK" in gold lettering with each letters in the word "HELKON"
Helkon Media (2002)spaced out.

  • There is an animated production logo, used only within the years of Helkon SK's existence. The Colosseum appeared on the sunlight, zooming and rotating on the screen.
  • There is also a variant where the walls are lavender.

FX/SFX: The fading, or logo animation for the long version.

: None. For the long version, it's the sounds of a radar followed by a "whoosh" sound.

: Rare. It's seen on UK releases such as Bend It Like Beckham, A Walk to Remember, and Republic of Love, among others. The long version was seen on the 2003 version of
Hansel and Gretel
and Repli-Kate.

Editor's Note
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