Internacional Video Sistemas (Spain)

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Logo descriptions by bigladiesman
Logo Pictures and Video courtesy of Eric S. and TheMonsterdavid

Background: IVS (Internacional Video Sistemas) was a video distributor based in Pamplona (Navarre), Spain. It was mainly devoted to the distribution of cartoons and movies for kids, though they had an early cinema collection as well (for instance, some Valentino's films).

1st (known) Logo
(Mid 1980's)

Logo: On a black background, a red dot zooms in to the bottom-left and quickly starts forming a big, white, lower-case "i", followed by a "v". An "s" comes spinning from the right as the dot places itself on the "i" and turns white as well. Then a large red TV tube-like form zooms out from the upper side to the middle of the screen, finishing the logo after bouncing a bit. After a couple of seconds, the logo flips to the left to show the warning screen.

FX/SFX: Simple 2D computer animation to form the logo that goes 3D when the logo flips.

Music/Sounds: A playful piano and xylophone tune.

: Seen on their VHS tapes from the era.

2nd Logo
(Late '80s-Early '90s)

: "Sparkling Globe"; "Hey, mom, the moon's red and it has something written on it!", "Apocalypse"

Logo: On a blue space background, a rotating sparkling globe fades in. Just then, at the same time, a twisting filmstrip showing some images from films shows up from the right as a rotating (faster than the globe) red sphere with white "ivs" written throughout comes from the left. The strip keeps twisting and flipping, moving from one side of the screen to another, as the sphere orbits the globe and zooms out to the center of the screen, totally covering it. Then two light blue lightning bolts (stolen from the Channel 5 Video logo) appear from the left and the right and collide in a spark, with a flash that causes the globe to disappear. The strip stops its movement in the center of the screen, fades out and a red TV tube-shaped "ivs" logo which was in it zooms out to form the finished logo (two bolts more appear behind it).

Trivia: The strip contains four still pictures: The top one depicts a woman (Ingrid Bergman?) on a B/W film, the second one is the red IVS logo, the third is a cartoon boy (presumably Jim Hawkins) finding a treasure and the fourth is a view of a city (London?).

FX/SFX: All the flipping and twisting, which is all CGI.

Music/Sounds: A rhythmic synth tune, which is actually "Flash", by Keith Mansfield, which was used as the theme of the pilot of the show Press Your Luck, and in Thorn-EMI's Australian logo and the Muppet Home Video logo.

: Rare. Found on VHS tapes from this company, including Asterix cartoon tapes (on Spanish PAL tapes, that is).

Editor's Note:The logo does seem to be showing some sort of armageddon, which can unnerve some with that and the dated effects. Also, the music is cool.