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Background: Globo Filmes was launched in 1998 by Roberto Marinho as a co-production company and the movie counterpart of Rede Globo de Televisão (Globo Television Network). Its first movie was Simão, O Fantasma Trapalhão (Simão, The Goofy Ghost).

1st Logo
Globo Filmes (1998-)Globo Filmes (10th Anniversary variant - 2008)
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Nickname: "Globe and Filmstrips"

Logo: In a space background, we see a light behind the Earth. The light then disappears as the Earth rotates backwards until we see a close up from the South America. When the globe starts zooming out, three filmstrips coming in from Brazil form an "F" and the Earth turns into a metal globe as "GLOBO FILMES", in Globo's trademark lettering and colored in blue, zooms out from the bottom and shines.

Variant: In 2008, a special variant was launched to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the company. The same animation was used, but enhanced and with a black background instead of space. As the three filmstrips appear, a huge "10 ANOS" written in gold zooms out from the 0 and the animation used for the "GLOBO FILMES" part is different and moves slowly compared to the regular logo.

FX/SFX: The light and the globe zooming and rotating. The filmstrips forming the "F" over the globe. The "10 ANOS" zooming out in the variant.

Music/Sounds: A dreamy synth theme with a "THUD" sound when "GLOBO FILMES" places itself under the globe.

Availability: Uncommon outside Brazil.

Editor's Note: None.

2nd Logo

Globo Filmes (2015)

Nickname: "Colored Globe", The Stripes

Logo: On a gradient gray background, a circle is wiped and becomes a three-dimensional orb. Then several simple stripes (like filmstrips but without any holes) begin to run over it. The name is wiped below and the globe zooms out, becoming plain, and background darkens before flashing with several colors and saving marine blue color.

FX/SFX: The animation.

Music/Sounds: Various synth whooshes and sharp sounds, then a musical note at the color-change.

Availability: Brand new. Seen on Operações Especiaisin Brazil.

Editor's Note: None.