Russian Cinema Council (Russia)

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Logo description and capture by EnormousRat

Background: Russian Cinema Council, usually abbreviated RUSCICO, is a company operated since 1999. It mainly publishes Russian films outside the former USSR territory. Their catalog is identical to the one of Krupny Plan, which distributes old films over Russian territory instead.


Nickname: "The Temple"
Ruscico (2000)
Logo: On a gradient blue background, many letters are drawn in white, zooming out in the process. Then, the letters fill themselves in with white and form three lines saying "RUSSIAN CINEMA COUNCIL". After the lines are done, the roof of the temple appears zooms out, having "RUSCICO" inside separated by dots. The base also appears, reading "MCMXCIX" (1999 in regular numbers). The logo then blurs and dissolves.

FX/SFX: The letters form, and some background shining, simple effects used.

Music/Sounds: A separated clapping sounds of some musical instrument, having different soundtrack at the end.

: Should appear on foreign export DVDs from Russia.