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Logo captures by EnormousRat
Video capture courtesy of WorldIntroHD

Background: Mandate Pictures was founded in 2005 when Senator International completed a management buyout from Senator Entertainment AG. O
n September 10, 2007, Mandate Pictures was acquired by Lionsgate. In 2012, Mandate's founders, Joseph Drake and Nathan Kahane, went on to form the company Good Universe, and Mandate was dismantled the next year.

(November 10, 2006-October 18, 2013)
Mandate Pictures (2007)Mandate Pictures (2009)

Nicknames: "Little Girl Beating a Drum", "Little Drummer Girl", "Georgia Rock"

Logo: We move out from a bush to see a family walking down a street with giraffes walking near them. The picture zooms out in an iris-out-like effect, as a drumstick taps on the circle and makes it flash. The picture zooms out and disappears as it's revealed to be in the inside of a snare drum, being beaten by a little girl (Georgia Rock) with a neutral look on her face. The girl continues to bang the drum as "MANDATE PICTURES" slides underneath her, and the picture freezes to the last note of the music.

Trivia: The drummer girl used in the logo is Georgia Rock. This was recorded in 2005, and she was 7 years old at that time.

Variant: There is a closing print version, used on Whip It.

FX/SFX: Mostly live-action, designed by Prologue.

Music/Sounds: A steady drumbeat playing over a mellow soundtrack, with birds chirping during the first part of the logo.

Availability: Common. It appears on films from the company, debuting on Stranger Than Fiction, and last appearing on Paradise.

Editor's Note: The drumbeats and the girl may make one a little scared, but it's harmless.