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Logo description and captures by Eric S, and Edc4.


Nickname: "Huge S"

Logo: On a blue (or red) background, we would see a huge, yellow and oddly-designed "S". The text:


"SELMUR" and "PICTURES" appear inside the "S". The entire text is in the same font as the "S". Sometimes "PRESENTS" is omitted

Variant:"Hell In The Pacific" omits "PRESENTS"

: None for the logo, not the end credit backing, it's superimposed.

: The films opening theme, or it can be silent.

: Uncommon. Still retained on most Selmur-produced titles such as Hell in the Pacific. This isn't present on the 2005 MGM DVD of Charly, though the earlier Anchor Bay DVD and upcoming Kino Lorber releases should have it.

Editor's Note: None.