Kanta Indah Film (Indonesia)

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Logo descriptions and captures by CokeFan12
Video captures courtesy of CokeFan12

Kanta Indah FilmKanta Indah FilmKanta IndahKanta Indah FilmKanta Indah FilmKanta Indah FilmSanggar Film/Kanta IndahKanta Indah
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Nicknames: "The Zooming K", "K if"

Logo: On a navy blue background, we see a yellow K. There are waving lights inside the K. Its right side has been extended to give space for "if". The K zooms in to a comfortable distance. Then, "P.T. KANTA INDAH FILM" zooms out. The remainder of the logo has the lights waving in the K until the music ends, which is at the point the logo fades out (or sometimes cut to the opening credits).

  • Many films of the time were deteriorated (causing the logo to have different contrast, sometimes brighter or sometimes darker) or cropped from its original aspect ratio (causing it to only read "KANTA INDAH").
  • On those films produced along with P.T. Sanggar Films,the logo is in red along with the aforementioned company logo (also in red) in a teal BG.

FX/SFX: Simple zoom and light effects.

Music/Sounds: The 1972 Cinema International Corporation logo theme.

Availability: Can be seen on many Indonesian films of the time, a slightly uncommon logo. A lot of these can be seen on YouTube.

Editor's Note: The dramatic music as well as the poor animation will scare many, however some might laugh at the blatant music theft.