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Logo captures by Eric S.
Editions by Eric S. and BenderRoblox


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Nickname: "The Rainbow Scribble", "The Scribble"

Logo: On a shady dark-to-pale blue gradient background, we see a rainbow scribble being drawn (think the Black/Marlens logo) which zooms out. After it stops drawing, the platinum words "Wood Knapp" fade in, then "a", above "Wood Knapp", and "production", below it, fade in, making it:

Wood Knapp
On its closing logo, it reads:

Wood Knapp

The opening logo sometimes reads:

Wood Knapp

FX/SFX: Nice animation for the 1980s.

Music/Sounds: A friendly tune comprised of a saxophone and bells.

Availability: Seen on tapes including Children's Circle (The tape of Corduroy strangely lacks this logo), One Minute Bible Stories with Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop, Wood Knapp releases of fitness VHS tapes, and some United Artists releases.

Editor's Note: None.