Dimension Extreme Films

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Editions by V of Doom

(September 28, 2006-October 11, 2011)

Logo: At first, we see the Dimension Films logo play as usual. Then, when the logo is completed, the word "EXTREME" in a very grungy font zooms out very quickly and
Dimension Extreme Films (2006-)becomes sandwiched between "DIMENSION" and "FILMS". "EXTREME" then begins to "shake".

FX/SFX: The standard logo's animation, "EXTREME" zooming out and "shaking".

Music/Sounds: An eerie humming sound followed by a "whoosh" when "DIMENSION" shines, then a loud "CLANG!" when "EXTREME" zooms out.

Availability: Common on most titles released through this sub-label. It also appears on the 2008 reissue of the originalNight of the Living Dead.

Editor's Note: The loud sounds, the sudden "EXTREME" text zooming out and the "shaking" can get on someone's nerves, especially if they're expecting the regular logo and wind up with this.