Capitol International (Italy)

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Logo descriptions and captures by Eric S.

Background: Capital International was a short-lived Italian film producer distributor active between 1975 and 1978, with The Inglorious Bastards as their most famous flick.

1st (probably only) Logo

Capitol InternationalNicknames: "Red Circle", "Huge Capitol"

Logo: On a black background, we see a huge red circle moving further away from us. Once it sets position the black background turns vivid red. After that, twenty-seven stars surround the circle appearing one by one, then over the circle appears a picture of the Capitol, under it "CAPITOL" in huge lettering over a fancy filmstrip (in a position reminiscent to MGM's). The word "INTERNATIONAL" appears letter by letter under "CAPITOL".

FX/SFX: The circle zooming, the stars and building appearing.

Music/Sounds: The typical 70's style fanfare.

Availability: Rare. Can be seen on the 1978 movie The Inglorious Bastards.

Editor's Note: None.