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Starz Media (3rd logo)
Cinar (1985 animated productions variant)
VCL (2nd logo)

MetroMedia Television 11Rankin-Bass Animated Entertainment (1969) Carolco Pictures (1990) Embassy CommunicationsDiC Entertainment "Vortex" Media Home EntertainmentITC "Spinning Diamonds Of Doom" Gracie FilmsCinar (1993)

20th Century Fox 1954 ('77 version), 1979, 1982, 1994, 1997, other re-orchastrations like on chez.com/thx and Family Guy "Let's see what you got, Fox"
THX 1983, 1993 & 1996, 1999 & Cimarron/Cimarron LD
20th Television & TCFTV 1995, 1997, 2007, 2008
Super Video Production groovy
Fuzzy Door Productions (more of Family Guy score than a logo jingle)
Vestron Video (82 and 87)
Dolby Auroa (Skywalker Symphony/mixed by Gary A. Rizzo), Ghost Train (sound design/mix by Randy Thom), Rain (mixed by Gary A. Rizzo), City, Dolby Surround in Space and Best Sound All 'Round
Screen Time
DTS Digital Experience
Master Arts Video
Quality Video
Chronicle Video Cassettes
Peachtree TV
BBC Video '92
FoxVideo '94 synth drone
Turner Home Entertainment synth drone
Warner Home Video 1985
Microsoft Windows 95-NT
Chace Digital Stereo?
Worldvision whoosh globe
Thorn EMI/HBO/Cannon Video
Rysher with flute "wooo"
Skywalker Sound chimes/jingles (2005-2015) (website sound design Dennis Leonard)
Relativity/Reel FX 2013 (sound designer Randy Thom; mix by Thom & Rizzo)
Hanna-Barbara cartoon characters in a box or oval (any kind, any crazy sound selection)
Renaissance '93?
Regal Films creepy synth?

Worldvision Enterprises "Radar Globe II" (with Fender-Rhodes music) as seen on "Grizzly Adams" and related specials
Hanna-Barbera "Box" (1968-1971)
Hanna-Barbera "Swirling Star" ([1997|1979-1990, 1997], 1998-2001)
Merrie Melodies (1937-1941 and 1941-1955)
Viacom 1971-1976
Paramount TV 1967, 1968-1969, 1970-1975, <a href="tel:1975-1976/1978-1987" target="_self">1975-1976/1978-1987</a>, 1976-1978
Orion Pictures "Starry Sky" and its cousins (Orion Home Video, Orion Classics, ect) Anything with stars.
Carolco Pictures (1985 music) Most majestic music I've heard in a logo ever.
DiC (1987-2005 Kid in Bed) Of course.
Screen Gems (1965-1974 "S From Hell") It sounds weird. I like it.
Coca Cola Telecommunications
Warner Bros. 1940 logo and Warner Home Video 1985-1997
Cecchi Gori
All Guild logos except for the very first (Tubular Bells) and the very last (Golden G)
Toshiba Video Software 1980s

Carolco 1988
Columbia Pictures 1975
WHV 1985 and 1997
Universal 1990
Universal 1997
The Program Exchange 1993
Columbia Pictures Television 1987
Columbia Pictures Television 1992
20th Century Fox 1935, 1953, 1982 and 1994
Warner Bros. Cartoons
Morgan Creek
Warner Bros. 1972, 1984 and 1998
Worldvision 1988
Genesis 1989
CBS Television Distribution
Orion Pictures, Classics, Home Video and other Orion music
DiC 1990
Live Ent. 1990
Turner Ent. 1987
Videosonic: When I die, this is the song I would like to be buried to.

Columbia Pictures Television (1976-1982 & 1993-2002)
Tristar Television (1993-2000)
Columbia-Tristar Television
DiC (1990's KiB Jingle)
Program Exchange (1993-)
Worldvision Enterprises (1988-1999)
20th Century Fox TV and all of it's cousins
Warner Bros TV
Stephen J. Cannell Productions
Genesis Entertainment (1994-1995)
CBS Television Distribution
CBS Paramount Network Television
ABC Studios
LBS (any theme)

Screen Gems: 1965-1974
Screen Gems: 1970-1974
Columbia Pictures Television (1982-1987; 1987-1993; 1993-2001)
Columbia TriStar Television
Sony Pictures Television (All versions: Standard, long, short, high, low)
Sony Pictures Television International: 2003-
CBS Television Distribution
CBS Paramount Domestic Television: Memorial Day theme
TriStar Television: 1987 & 1993
Paramount Television: 1970, 1972, 1974, 1975, 1978, 1979, 1982, 1987, and 2002 (short)
Warner Bros. Television (1994, 1998, and 2003)
DiC Entertainment 2001 (All versions)
Embassy Communications
Revue Studios (1958 and 1962)
Universal Television (All from 1963-2004 except 1980-1981)
LBS Communications: 1987, 1989, and 1991)

PBS (1984, 1989, 1998, 2002)
DiC Entertainment (1990)
PBS Kids (1993)
20th Century Fox (1982 long version, 1997)
Gracie Films (1987)
Sony Computer Entertainment (Playstation, PSP, PS3)

Guild HV/Film Distrubtion "GO GUILD!"
This one is self explantory.
TV New Zealand (1980-1982), TNZ Two (1980-1985)
The music is so catchy, espacaly the disco/orcistra part! (TNZ Two's music is also great, with the disco overture part.)
Live (1998)
So majestic and very nice.
Guild Home Video (1985)
The music is the best UK music and it's very catchy, trust me, the first time you listen to it, you will get hooked.

United Artists (1981): Just a dramatic fanfare and perfect start to a movie. Too bad they didn't put it on their 1981-1987 movies
Roadshow Entertainment (current): Grew up with this logo and always loved the music
THX: All versions of the theme especially Amazing Life
Guild Home Video (1983). That is one one the best synth themes I have ever heard
Walt Disney Pictures (1985). Another logo I grew up with. Was the backbone of my childhood
Paramount Vistavision (1954). Great fanfare and puts you in a good mood
Paramount (1987) The fanfare used on movies like Fatal Attraction and Wayne's World. I love this fanfare so much. It is like a fanfare that you play when you accomplish something and I wish they used it more.

Screen Gems "S from Hell"
ITC "Compass"/"Spinning Diamonds of Doom"

Jumbo Pictures "The Egg" this has funny music both times. the trumpet one and the beatboxing one.
Paramount Lalo Schifrin Music. This is what you hear after you climb Mount Everest.

The Paramount Ultramajestic Mountain. "Doo DOO doo-doo-doo DOO!"
Screen Gems S from Hell. I have a little song that goes with it: Here's our logo again, S from Hell!
Yorkshire Television. "Doo doo-doo doo doooo!"
The cyan Greyscale Island. "Dee dee-dee dee-dee... dee dee dee-dee... dee dee-dee dee dee... dee dee dee-dee... dee... dee... mmmrrrrrRRRRRRWAAAAAAAAHHHH!"
Lorimar, the original Lorimar Snake logo. That dreamy harp progression... ^_^
Lorimar-Telepictures. I love that logo all around; it's probably my favorite logo. It brings back memories of Thundercats reruns. I get all teary-eyed and wistful when I hear that bombastic synth fanfare... "Dah dah DAH DAAAAHHH! ... ding, ding, ding".
The Rankin-Bass Bongos. Many good Christmas memories of that one... Also, in the same vein, the Rankin-Bass Animation logo, with the springy Oboe theme. Doo doo-de-doo-de-DEE-doo-de-doo-de-doo dooooo"... Followed by the Lorimar-Telepictures, "dah de-de dah daaaaahhh!"
Metromedia Television 11, the seventies logo. The first time I heard it, I was hooked. Sing it with me! "Metro! Media! Television! Eleven! Eleven! Eleven!"
The PBS P-Pals. "This is: Pee-Bee-EEEEESSSSS! OOOOH-hoo-hoooooo!"
Snee-Oosh as well. Good memories of that one after Hey Arnold!. "SNEEEEE-OOOOOOSSSSHH! *weird flute and gong noise*"

Columbia Pictures Television 1987-1993 theme. I just like the fanfare :)
Paramount Television 1967 Jingle
Paramount Television Blue Mountain. The 1976 Jerry Goldsmith jingle.
Screen Gems S from Hell fanfare. Sounds pretty tame to me :P
Screen Gems S from Hell Batfink variant
Warner Bros/Television As Time Goes By jingle.
ITV's 1989 Generic music
Thames Television's famous Salute To Thames. Hey, i grew up in the Thames region, what's not to like? :P
Guild Home Video 1985
The Video Collection's second jingle

Carolco '88 (Ever Scince I Saw This On FX When They Showed Cliffhanger, I Was Humming The Music At School)
Miramax (All Logos Fanfares)
Paramount '80s (i <3 This Jingle)
Video Collection International
New Line Cinema '90s
Columbia Pictures '93
TriStar Pictures '80s and '93
Pathe '99
Warner Bros. Pictures '98

Warner Bros Television '94
CBS Television Distribution
KingWorld '89 and '98
Paramount Television '87
Miramax 90s
20th Television
DIC kid in bed 90s
New Line Cinema '94
Viacom '86
United Artists '87 (a high pitched version, not the original normal pitched)

DIC Kid in Bed
Warner Home Video
Paramount Television 1987
Tristar Pictures 80s
Orion Pictures
Touchstone Pictures (3rd logo)
Touchstone Television
Screen Gems S from Hell
20th Century Fox
Walt Disney Pictures

Enormous Rat
The logos with motion animals: these include Russian for Makdos and the second one for Kinomost. Then, American National Enterprises
Republic Pictures
MTM Enterprises
Goldcrest Independent
Buena Vista Television
Disney-ABC Television
Turner Entertainment
Kinowelt (2009)
CBS Home Entertainment
Live Entertainment
Miramax Films (2009)
Columbia-Tristar Home Video - four last logos, most notably long version of 2001' CTHE.
Anchor Bay - "digit shower".
20th Century Fox (2010); at last they did something equally good.
Anolis Entertainment
Davis Entertainment (2010)
Imperial Entertainment (1998)
Morgan Creek DVD
Epsilon Motion Pictures
Studio TriTe
The most favourite russian logo is Talan Studios.

Guild Home Video "Go Guild!" (That theme is one of the most catchy home video jingles i've ever heard.)
Video Collection International (1995) (The music is very relaxing...)
Gaumont (1991-1995 and 1995-2005)
Viz Video 1991-1998 (it sounds like the Go Guild theme!)
Kodak Video (1988)
Sid & Marty Krofft Productions (Pinball-like one)
Krofft Entertainment
United Film Distribution Company (UFDC)
Brentwood Communications (2000)
MPI Home Video (Current)
Ealing Studios
The Halcyon Company
Cineplex Odeon Films
Tyne Tees Television (1996-1999)
CBS Video (1995)
Elektra Entertainment (both logos)
New Line Cinema 2001/Kinowelt
TVP 1st logo

My favorite logo theme..... Well, I remember it well. It was an old VistaVision logo variation. It was black and white... and it had a kind-of hard to describe fanfare..... but I can say this: It was extremely triumphant and just beautiful. It was on the Paramount page long ago.... then it disappeared. I still can't find it. But the theme will be stuck in my head for all eternity..... do do-do-do do do do do do-do do-do-do DOOOO DOO DOO DO-DO-DO DO DO DOO DOOO DOOOOO DOOOOO DOOO-DOOO DO-DO-DOOOO(DO DO DO-DO-DOOO) DO-DOOOOOO DOO-DOO.......

My favourite logo theme is the theme of the 2006 Walt Disney Pictures logo. It's just so dreamy and sounds so nice!

Theeds32: ATV Russia A-A-A T-T V-V-V", "Aio-aio-aio at-at, Daio-Daio-Diao Aio-aio-aio at-at, A-TV!"

Graaaaagh (Rexeljet)

My favourite Ident/Logo jingles are:

Guild Home Video- All themes. The earliest ones have some sort of creepiness to them, whereas the jingles from the mid to late eighties are very catchy. The 1993 Guild ident has a very well orchestrated score.

ATV (Russia)- Who can't like the awesome 1997-2005 jingle? It's so catchy.

First Independent Films- There's something about that jingle that makes it so powerful and majestic, even if the accompanying animation is a bit billy basic!

Contender Entertainment group (1995-2000) The music is one of the tamest and most peaceful ident jingles just because it doesn't try to be overly stately, majestic, ominous, cute or threatening, it's just a jingle that will stick in people's minds.

Central Television (All idents)

Yorkshire Television (1994) Not sure what exactly I like about this one, but I like it anyway.

Macrovision (1997) Even though the ident itself isn't that great, I've always liked the jingle. It seems a little nostalgic at times.


Key Video (1984)
Embassy Home Entertainment (1982)

Paramount Pictures (1953, 1968, 1975, 1986, 2002, & 2011)
Paramount Home Video (1987)
Warner Bros. Pictures (1972, 1984,& 1998)
Warner Home Video (1986, 1996)
Columbia Pictures (1981, 1993)
Columbia Pictures Television (1976, 1982, & 1992)
Columbia Tristar Home Video/Entertainment (1991, 2001)
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment (2010)
20th Century Fox Film Corporation (2009)
DreamWorks SKG (1997)
Tristar Pictures (1984, 1993)


ABC Pictures International orchestra
PBS "Windowsill" logo 1996-1998
PBS "Circle P-Heads" logo 1998-2002
PBS Kids 1993-1999
PBS Home Video 1989-1998
Multimedia Entertainment
Media Home Entertainment's famous jingle 1978-1988
CBS-Fox Video fanfare
Walt Disney Home Video "Neon Mickey" logo 1978-1986
Walt Disney Home Video~THE CLASSICS
Walt Disney Classics
WQED 1975-1986
ITC's famous jingle 1955-1989
the old "Also Available From Thorn/EMI Video" bumper jingle
Pioneer Entertainment 1993-1997
Lorimar 1971-1988
Metromedia Producers Corporation 1982-1986
Stephen J. Cannell Productions "Angry Typewriter Man" music with flute and guitar near the end 1989
Viacom Pinball
Viacom V of Steel
VI/\COM Wigga-Wigga
Walt Disney Pictures' old fanfare 1985-2006, replete with the pretty recorder stinger at the end
Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection
Magnetic Video Corporation "Mirrored (\/)" logo 1977-1982
ITV 1989-1999
Skyline Video
Wood Knapp Video
Universal Pictures 1990-1997
Universal Pictures 2012-present

PolyGram Video 1992
BBC Video 1981 (Violin variant)
Walt Disney Home Video 1986
Guild Home Video "GO GUILD!"
The Guild Home Video logo that came after "GO GUILD!"

Paramount Television 1975 Blue Mountain logo (1976 Jerry Goldsmith fanfare)
The Program Exchange logo (1993 logo)
Viacom "V of Doom" logo (1976-1986)
Castle Rock Entertainment (1989-1994)
Walt Disney Home VIdeo "Sorcerer Mickey" (1986-2000)
Miramax Films/International/Home Entertainment "Big M" logos (1987-2003)


Cartoon network studios: reason why cause I enjoy Regular Show it's my all time favorite Cartoon Network show along with other shows like King of the Hill & Animaniacs
What is your favorite logo theme? - CLG Wiki

Pearl and Dean 1967 Groovy Dancers logo:That logo makes me dance EVERY TIME I listen to it, also it's so catchy!

Associated Television "ATV Zoom in Color/Colour"
BBC Video "Cheesy Starlight" (the 1984-1988 theme variant)
Triumph Releasing Corporation/Triumph Films

BBC Video (1990-1997)
BBC Video (1987, Watch with Mother Variant)
Paramount Pictures (1953-1975, Charlotte's Web Variant)
Pickwick Video (1989-1992)
Ragdoll (1994)
Universal (1997-2012)
Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment (2001-2005, DVD Variant)
Columbia TriStar Home Video (1993-2002)
Hi-Tops Video (1985-1992)
Family Home Entertainment Australia (1985-1991)
Walt Disney Home Video (1991-2002)
Walt Disney Classics (1984-1988)
Walt Disney Home Entertainment (2001-2008)
Klasky Csupo (1989-1998)
Vadimon Video (1970's?-1980's?)
-Paramount Pictures fanfare from the Paramount feature Presentation bumpers and movies like "Fatal Attraction", "Wayne's World" and "mean Girls"
-Touchstone Pictures 1986-2011 synth-bell theme
-Global TV Canada 2006-2012 bumpers
-Universal 1996-2012
-Paramount Pictures fanfare from current logo
-CTHV 2000-2005
-THX : All of them!!!
-Warner bros. 1998-present
-Nickelodeon Montage Song Bumper (1993-1997?)
-Lionsgate 2006-present
-Paramount Television Dun-Da doo-doo-DOOO (1987-2006: Even though I like it, I still find it annoying)
-Klasky Csupo Rooster
-Walt Disney Pictures(1995-2007 Pixar version)
-Nickelodeon Movies (any logo from 1998-2006)
excuse me if i get some years wrong

-Gracie Films (1987)--80s-like music for an 80s-like logo is a perfect match.
-DHX Media (2014)--"D-H-X!" Still stuck in my head.
-Klasky Csupo (1998)--The beeping and sound effects are suitable for an animation studio. It takes your mind off Splaat.
-Lyrick Studios (1998)--Beautiful. Just beautiful.
-DiC (1998, Extended Version)--The "do"s really steal the show here.
-NanaOn-Sha (1996)--"NanananananananaOn-Sha!" Also stuck in my head.
-Seven Arts Pictures (1991)--Beautiful and peaceful.
-HBO (1982)--One of the most epic themes ever.
-PBS Kids (1999-2013)--This theme reminds me of my childhood every time I watch it. So nostalgic and so catchy. Even though they carried this on in the 2013 rebranding, the design still sucks.

-Universal (2012): This theme still gives me goosebumps every time I hear it. It's THAT powerful.
-Warner Home Video (1985 and 1996): The 1985 one just sounds awesome, and the 1996 one is peaceful.
-Regency: In total darkness, the theme starts playing, then a blue aurora of light suddenly shines through as a flute plays..... E-P-I-C
-Guild Home Video: All of them! The 1985, 1987, and 1990 themes are catchy, while the 1980, 1983 and 1993 ones are just awesome to listen to.
-New Line Cinema: One of the best logo themes ever.
-Grampian Television: I'm not from the UK, but the theme is so catchy and 80s!
-Columbia Pictures Television and Columbia TriStar Television (1993): Lots of people hate these logos. But I like their themes.
-Orion Pictures (1996): Every time I hear this, it gives me goosebumps. But didn't I just say that on Universal? This theme is EVEN MORE POWERFUL.
-DiC Entertainment (2001-2008): That tune is so adorable and catchy. It's also stuck in my head.
-Viacom (1976-1986): It sounds so epic, and somewhat powerful.
-DiC Entertainment (1983-1988) (both variants): They both sound so... well done.
-O Entertainment (1998-2007): Sounds nice, and pretty unique.
-Nickelodeon (2008-2009): Again, sounds nice, and the kids laughing makes it fun.
-BBC Video (1990-1997)
-Village Roadshow (1992-) All themes
-ABC Video/DVD (Australia) (1988-2005 and 1997-2008)
-CIC Video (1986-1992)
-Buena Vista (1954-1984) Robin Hood fanfare-Klasky-Csupo (1991-1998?)

RysherTPEMan says........
Viacom Enterpises (1978) *Dark & Videotaped*

Speedy Video (1996)
Speedy Video "Crappy CGI Running Golden Man" - Duuuuuuh dah dah dah dah dah dah dah dah DAH-DAH! Ha-ha-ha-ha-haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Family Home Entertainment (1982)
Family Home Entertainment's 1st logo - FlerplederplesmerpsmerplederplezerpleclerpleclerkpledepkleSWOOOOOOOOOSHDah-dah-dahdah! Kerplererpleflerplecreoplesmerple

Pioneer Films (1993)
Pioneer Films (1993)
Pioneer Films - EeeeeeeeeeKERSHswoosheeeeBeepydeepydoop!eeeZow!eeeeZow!eeeeBeepydeepydoop!dumdumdumdumdumdumdumdumdumeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.........

ALL Guild Home Video themes, except the 1983 and 1988 ones. The 1980 "Tubular Bells" theme is mysterious, relaxing, and creepy all at once, the 1985 and 1987 ones are well-done pieces of synth-pop, and the 1993 theme is mysterious and epic at the same time.
Carolco Pictures, both the 1985 and 1988 themes, just a nice, majestic fanfare.
Fax Video Design- An awesome disco tune.
<a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JuWZjq2xu6s" target="_self" title="Southern Star Entertainment (1994-2005)">Southern Star Entertainment (1994-2005)</a>
<a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f7d6z7BqRqI" target="_self" title="Morgan Creek Productions (1991-2001)">Morgan Creek Productions (1991-2001)</a>
<a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhpQAtb5CW8" target="_self" title="Brookwell McNamara Entertainment (2000-2001)">Brookwell McNamara Entertainment (2000-2001)</a>
<a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-2r5u_ICNzk" target="_self" title="Atlantis Communications (1985-1989)">Atlantis Communications (1985-1989)</a> - Long version from Destiny to Order. Logo played at 0:34.
<a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zk7M6SolHJA" target="_self" title="Alliance Atlantis Communications (2004-2007)">Alliance Atlantis Communications (2004-2007)</a>
<a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNc3S89C_cg" target="_self" title="Cloud 9 Screen Entertainment Group">Cloud 9 Screen Entertainment Group</a> - Logo played at 1:24.
<a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J3rMFbicW-o" target="_self" title="The Program Exchange (1987-2008)">The Program Exchange (1987-2008)</a> - Second version
<a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vAx41IZ2Iuw" target="_self" title="DreamWorks Pictures ">DreamWorks Pictures </a>
<a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m5cl_w3lVYc" target="_self" title="Universal Pictures (1990-1997)">Universal Pictures (1990-1997)</a>
<a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVgfD1_Ezzs" target="_self" title="Lynch Entertainment ">Lynch Entertainment </a> - First version
<a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aDOuFnZnPMs" target="_self" title="DiC Entertainment (1987-2001, 2003)">DiC Entertainment (1987-2001, 2003)</a> - Second version
<a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hcrnlHKSstU" target="_self" title="Satin City (2000-2006)">Satin City (2000-2006)</a>
<a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTsW0hwR8lw" target="_self" title="Coca-Cola Telecommunications">Coca-Cola Telecommunications</a>
<a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=14Z9axqckaA" target="_self" title="Castle Rock Entertainment (1989-1994)">Castle Rock Entertainment (1989-1994)</a>