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Logo descriptions by Jason Jones, Sean Beard, and indycar
Logo captures by
thehugetvfan, V of Doom, Mr.Logo, indycar, and Pygmalion X
Editions by V of Doom, CNViewer2006 and indycar
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Background: Worldvision Home Video Inc. was the home media division of television production company and syndicator Worldvision Enterprises, that primarily released television programs (Worldvision's own material, along with material from ABC Films and QM Productions that Worldvision controlled the distribution rights to the former and all rights to the latter), Hanna-Barbera Productions (who was owned by Taft Broadcasting, Worldvision's owner at the time) material and special-interest releases (such as the golf legend Jack Nicklaus' Golf My Way series). Worldvision was later sold to Spelling Inc. (later Spelling Entertainment Group) and began releasing Spelling Entertainment programs. In 1994, Spelling purchased Republic Pictures and Worldvision Home Video was folded into Republic Pictures Home Video (now Paramount Home Media Distribution and CBS Home Entertainment).

1st Logo


Nicknames: "Radar Globe", "Radar W", "Worldvision W Globe", "WHOOSH Globe (of Doom)"

Logo: On a white screen, the Worldvision Enterprises globe with a red "W" zooms-out from the center. As the camera zooms out, the word "WORLDVISION" emerges from the front, and both plaster themselves into place. The text "HOME VIDEO INC." slides in from the Worldvision name, as the background fades to black. Afterwards, the radar globe shines and the "World Vision International" print stamp (in very small type here) fades onto the bottom of the screen. The finished logo then cuts to black.

Trivia: This logo would become the basis of the 1988 Worldvision logo.

  • 1983-1987: "A TAFT COMPANY" and the "World Vision International" print stamp replacing the byline a second later.
  • 1987-1989: (Bylineless; just the "World Vision International" print stamp appearing in)
  • 1989-1994: "A UNIT OF SPELLING ENTERTAINMENT INC." (with the "World Vision International" print stamp below the byline) Trademark symbol appears by the "Radar W" logo in 1991.

  • There is a filmed variation of this logo.
  • On the 1991 release of the 1987 television movie Hands of a Stranger as soon as the text "HOME VIDEO INC." stops sliding in, it cuts to the finished 1988 television logo (which also cuts out after it finishes). That last second of the the globe zooming in on the television version is seen for a split second.
  • One trailer variant featured the phrase "COMING SOON FROM" in a red/black gradient on a white background before the logo begins. the words "COMING SOON" and "FROM" are divided by a black line.

FX/SFX: The zoom out, the lettering layering effects and the shining radar globe.

Music/Sounds: It starts with a loud, long "whoosh". After the "whoosh" dies down, an 8-note synthesized tune with "air" in the background plays, which is actually a slowed down version of Andy Clarke's "Moog Statement 14".

Music/Sounds Variant: There is a quiet (but not silent) version of the music.

  • Very rare. It's seen on most releases of material from the Hanna-Barbera Productions and Spelling Entertainment libraries. Other notable releases were Sam's Son, The Goodbye Bird, Happily Ever Afterand Get Smart…Again!
  • Much of the back catalog (mainly the feature films, television films and some mini-series) were reissued by Republic Pictures Home Video in the early- mid-1990s (much of it in EP mode with Worldvision packaging), but the logo still made an appearance.
  • Could also be seen on EP mode reissues of films from AIP Home Video.
  • Also seen on the first releases of Beverly Hills 90210 and any show that had the Worldvision Enterprises logo on it.
  • The quiet version is only used after the 1986 Taft Video logo.
  • This can be found on a Canadian VHS ofThe Standfrom Malofilm Video, as well as Netflix's print ofThe Standepisode "The Plague".
  • The filmed version is extremely rare, but can be found on a Guild Home Video VHS release of Atom Ant.
  • It was also seen at the start of an HBO broadcast of the 1994 film Crackerjack.
  • Also found on a few early 1990s GoodTimes Home Video reissued tapes that were under license from the company.
  • A 1994 VHS of Cujo doesn't have this logo; instead it uses the Worldvision Enterprises logo, both at the beginning and end.

Editor's Note: The first appearance of the Worldvision identity everybody knows and loves. You'll grow to love it once you don't get startled by the loud whoosh at the beginning. The Hands of a Stranger variant is one of the most abysmal attempts of splicing ever.

2nd Logo
Worldvision Home Video (1983, Promo Variant)1983 Worldvision Home Video logo (variant)
Nicknames: "Print Globe", "Radar W II", "Worldvision W Globe II"

Logo: A still version of the 1974 Worldvision Enterprises logo, albeit with the text from the 1st logo.

  • There is a variant where this logo zooms in.
  • Another variant has clips from the company's material being shown in the globe's area.

FX/SFX: None. See "Variants" for those versions animations.

: None for the standard variant. The second variant has the "whoosh" noise from the 1st logo.

Availability: Very rare. Most Worldvision tapes released between 1983 and 1985 carry the "We're Comin' At 'Cha" promo in which this logo is used, located after the end of the program.

Editor's Note: This logo may have only been used in the aforementioned promotional reel at the end of tapes.