First Independent Films (UK)

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Logo descriptions by Santaslittlehelper
Video capture courtesy of dylanstonepark

: First Independent was a UK film distributor and video company. It was formed from the UK assets of the former Vestron Video International in 1991, and was owned by Welsh ITV company HTV. The company was later absorbed into Columbia TriStar Home Video's UK division.


Logo: On a shady green background, we see a selection of multicolored shapes (including a star, a triangle and a beak) scattered around the screen. As soon as we open in, the shapes start to move away, spinning round as they go. After a few turns, the shapes come more together and the logo starts to take shape, then we see the shapes turning one last time to form the completed logo of an white eagle with red eyes and a star on its right side flying in front of a now blue triangle (which is suppose to be a mountain). Then the words "FIRST INDEPENDENT" quickly fade in below.

FX/SFX: Mainly CGI animation throughout. The shapes turning away from the camera looks low-tech.

Music/Sounds: Begins with a synth sound, kind of like hearing water running below we lead out to majestic rock guitar theme and two drumbeats. The water-like synth sound returns with at the end with long synthesized notes.

Availability: Quite hard to find. At the time it distributed a lot of Turner Pictures/Home Entertainment products in the UK, so it is probably more likely to be on things like Tom and Jerry: The Movie, The Wizard of Oz and Hanna-Barbera cartoons. It's also been seen on a VHS of City Slickers and most Budgie the Little Helicopter tapes.

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