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Logo descriptions by Logoboy95, Eric S., naxo-ole, Supermarty-o, and PAV123
Logo captures by Eric S., Logoboy95, and naxo-ole
Videos captures courtesy of TR3X PR0DÚCTI0NS, Richyong Productions, Peakpasha, Eric S, Mitchell Hang,
tribalcditube, BasicMasterReloaded, Logo Archive and patheuk

1st Logo

Pathé Fréres logo from "The Invisible Thief" in 1909Pathé Coloured Version

Logo: On a black (or
grey/worn-out black) background, we see a still image of a rooster in white (sometimes orange) making a rooster call pose. Below it is the cursive text "Pathe fieres".

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: Silent, or accompanying score may had sometimes played over it.

Availability: Near extinction.

Editor's Note: TBA.

2nd Logo

Pathe Feres (1912)Logo: On a sepia tinted background, we see the same logo but tinted in sepia a bit and the rooster is flipped horizontially.

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: Silent, or had accompanying score played over it sometimes.

Availability: Extremely rare.

Editor's Note: TBA.

3rd Logo

Pathé (1896?-1929)Logo: On a black background, we see the word "Pathé", with the tops of the "t and "h" connected and "Distributors" below. On the left and right sides are circles with rooster drawings in crowing stances, both in opposite directions.

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: Silent, or (often) had the accompanying score over it.

Availability: Extremely rare/near extinction. One film that had this logo was Grandma's Boy.

Editor's Note: TBA.

4th Logo

Logo: Inside a white circle on a black BG, we see a rooster, which seems to be standing on top of a model globe. Below it is the word "Pathé", in the same style as before. The word is in white, except the areas which overlap the circle, which are in black. The rooster crows.

Variant: On Two Fresh Eggs, a
sepia-toned version is used.

FX/SFX: The rooster crowing.

Music/Sounds: Just the rooster crowing. On silent films with this logo, it had the films accompanying score over it.

Availability: Very rare. Most surviving prints of their output have this removed or plastered over with the 11th logo (an example of this is on the Olive Films DVD & Blu-ray of the 1959 French version of Les Misérables). May still be intact on French films released by The Criterion Collection, F
ox Lorber, and Koch Media, among other specialty/art film labels. Was also seen on UK and French prints of Hal Roach'sLaurel and Hardycomedies. This was found intact in PathegramsNews Digests.

Editor's Note: TBA.

5th Logo

Pathé Pictures (1948)

Logo: Over a
light greybackground we see a circle with a rooster drawn on it, surrounded by stars. Under the circle the word "Pathé" in cursive-likefont is seen. Under it are the words "PICTURES LTD.".

FX/SFX:None, it's an still logo.

Music/Sounds:The opening theme to the film.

Availability: Rare. Preserved on<a href="" target="_self">Love on the dole</a>andThe Ghosts of Berkley Square.

Editor's Note: TBA.

6th Logo

<iframe align="right" frameborder="0" height="204" src="" width="361"></iframe>
Logo: We see the front of a skyscraper at dusk. A black square with a picture of a rooster is in the middle of the building. The large text "PATHE" is beneath the square while a marquee with the text "PICTURES LTD" beneath "PATHE". The camera then pans down to reveal that the text is part of a building awning with "PRESENTS" encased in a rectangle.

FX/SFX: The camera panning.

Music/Sounds: An uninspired horn fanfare.

Availability: Rare. Most prints of titles from this period have it removed or plastered over with the 11th logo. Some films, such as Cosmo Jones,Crime Smasher, have kept it intact with the 11th logo following.

Editor's Note: TBA.

7th Logo

Logo: We see the words "Un film" and a circle with a black and white picture of a rooster fade in. Then "Pathe" in large handwritten font draws itself below.

FX/SFX: The name drawing.

Music/Sounds: The opening theme of the film.

Availability: Rare. Seen on the French DVD and the Criterion DVD of Les Enfants du Paradis on at the start, the end of part 1 and end of part 2. On the Criterion Blu-ray, the current Pathe indent replaces this at the start but it is seen at the end of the film since both parts 1&2 are combines to one.

Editor's Note: TBA.

8th Logo

Nicknames: "The Sunrise Rooster"

Logo: On a black background, we see a
yellow line appearing, which slowly turns into a sunrise. Dark blue and red streaks come from the bottom of the sun, forming a rooster. Once it appears, the sun disappears, leaving a yellow rectangle surrounding the rooster, with "PATHE" written under it, and a small yellow line. After a few seconds, the rectangle flips over vertically, turning into a star, and zooms out. A blue oval-shaped ball appears. Four white stars appears from the top of it, surrounding the ball, while the yellow star floats on top of the ball. The text "une société de" appears on the top of the logo, while "CHARGEURS" appears below it.

  • An interactive variant appeared on games during this era. It has a shorter animation part, and the word "interactive" appeared in italics in the rectangle below the company name. Below that is "a Chargeurs company", either in English or in French, with the Chargeurs logo above that.
  • This logo was also used as a de-facto home video logo, with "VIDEO" chryoned below the rectangle.
  • On later releases, the video version omits the Chargeurs part.
  • The trailer variant features this logo zooming to us.

FX/SFX: The sunrise effect and the rooster and logo forming.

Music/Sounds: A short synthesized fanfare, followed by a dreamy synth/piano tune.

Music/Sounds Variants:
  • On the interactive variant, only the last part of the theme is heard.
  • Sometimes, the logo was silent.

Availability: Scarce. The standard version was seen on UK prints of films such as 1492: Conquest of Paradise, but has likely fallen to plastering with the current logo. The home video version was seen on video releases from the company at the time, while the interactive variant was spotted on the CD-I games Asterix: Caesar's Challenge and International Tennis Open.

Editor's Note
: This is a beautifully animated logo, and it is a worthy predecessor of the 10th logo.

9th Logo
(1999- )

Pathe (1999)Pathe (2011)Pathé (France) - CLG Wiki

Nickname: "The Print Pathé Logo", "Pathe!"

Logo: Basically, this is the print version of the current logo, containing only "PATHÉ!" in its corporate bulbous
yellow font, without any motion.

  • There is another version which has the name in 2 speech bubbles, coming from a rooster. The text here looks very different than usual, though.
  • On the trailer for The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, the logo is gray-green.
  • On the trailer for Eden Lake and several other films, the logo is silver.

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: This logo is seen on several trailers, on Chicken Run and Magic Roundabout (also known as "Doogal" in the US) and also appears (in yellow) on the video game Asterix and Obelix Take on Caesar. The version with the rooster is very rare, which was seen on a trailer for Iron Lady.

Editor's Note: TBA.

10th Logo
(1999- )

: "The Mobile", "The Shadow Rooster", "Pathé Mobile"

Logo: On a grey background, we see a balloon reading "PATHE!" inyellow, stylized after the speech bubble variant, made into a mobile, turning backwards and forwards, with the letters revolving into place. There are two shadows of the mobile casted in the background by two spotlights. Then, we see a shadow of the Pathé rooster at the end of the logo.

: There are replicas of the mobile seen in some Pathé cinemas. However, they are designed differently than the logo does.

  • On the British release of Be Kind Rewind, the logo is "Sweded"--it is much cheaper-looking, and during the variant, Jack Black's hand turns the backwards "P" forwards. Instead of a rooster, a rubber duck on a stick pops up, and the sound of a chicken is added at the end (the American release has the standard New Line Cinema logo).
  • An enhancement to the logo, with more realistic-looking tinting, was introduced in 2012.
  • Dirty Sanchez uses the same logo, with the exception of the end, when we see the shadow of scissors cutting one the threads of the balloon, making the rooster fall.

FX/SFX: The Pathé logo turning backwards and the shadows. Nice CGI animation (though it may also be done with real models), produced by Landor Associates in Paris, France.

Music/Sounds: A lush piano, drum, choir, and string fanfare, sometimes with a chicken clucking at the end. Be Kind Rewind uses a cheap rendition of the fanfare, with acapella voices and kazoo.

Availability: Very common. This plasters older logos on current prints of their output, and other distributors tags on films Pathé now owns (an example is on the Criterion Collection release of Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down, in which Pathé obtained U.S rights from its previous owner, Miramax) as well as being a de-facto home video logo in the UK (this is because 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment holds the distribution rights to Pathe's material on home media in that country
). It is also seen at the beginning of international releases of Chicken Run, accompanied with the film's theme music, however it does not appear on the Dreamworks print (although the 10th logo appears at the end).

Editor's Note: This logo is considered a favorite for anyone who grew up watching Pathe films on cable television, VHS tapes, and DVDs during the 2000s