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I don't really have many, but I have a few
Sony Pictures Television: It feels like the same thing over and over again when I saw a logo history. Its plain and boring, and the music does not change often
Paramount Television (2015): Looks kind of ugly, and too fast.
Warner Home Video: I'm used to it, but I get kind of irritated after seeing it come up on all of my cartoon DVDs, because its boring and very overrated.
MGM: I am fine with this logo now, but I disliked some of the early ones, because it was kind of dull and the roar sometimes caught me off-guard
Paramount Home Video (79-81): Its too dark, and the music is annoying.
Genesis Video: Its not good at all. Really boring and the sounds gave me a headache
VCI: I did not like this logo when I was little, because it was dark and unsettling. I am fine with it now though
PS2: Some of the logos that were on my games irritated me a little, but I did not like the "red screen of death" when that first occurred for me


Any Goldwyn Pictures logo: I hate this logo because of the lion not roaring but it's all right.

Any logos from the UK (not ITV and it's partner channels), Brazil and China/Hong Kong: Due to the music.

Will be updated more soon!


BC Video. See the "What is the ugliest logo of all-time?" page for more details on why I LOATHE this logo.
Film and Drama Youth Organization - 2nd Logo: Sure, television and home entertainment logos were blatantly stolen by other companies before, which shows they have little to no budget and/or little to no creativity, but the way this company manages to steal the 90's Universal logo is just one giant middle finger to American cinema.

GoAnimateDude888 (aka RobbieTheGoAnimator):

The Sony Pictures Television logo: Especially with the music; it sounds ugly. Also, it looks weird, and it feels like a logo prototype. I'm fine with seeing it over and over.
Nickelodeon Movies "The Man and the House" logos: It used to scare me when I was younger, but now I just look at it weird. Wouldn't the man notice a giant ball is coming to crash his house? And how did it fall in the first place? It's so unrealistic! And wouldn't the dog run away before the ball destroyed the house? When you come to think about it, dogs are pretty smart. He would've sensed it and jumped on the man before the ball fell on the house!
Lionsgate (2006-13): This is a terrible logo. It looks like someone made this logo because of the name (Lions: The lions are on the door) (Gate: The gate has a bunch of gears). The logo after that was MUCH better.


SPT: I'm sick of seeing this thing over and over!
Cookie Jar: See SPT, also the music and sound effects used on this logo is really annoying! Even worse, when this plasters DiC logos, it also plasters the others logos used on the show too! One example being on Inspector Gadget it plasters both the DiC & LBS logos! At least DiC when they plastered old logo with the "IWoD" logo at least they left in the LBS logo, but Cookie Jar deletes that too! In fact, this video sums up the logo in general...

<iframe frameborder="0" height="230" src="http://wikifoundrytools.com/wiki/closinglogos/widget/unknown/db883404ea775788dd8726e95bf028d12fe82eac" width="408"></iframe>

The new paramount television logo is just too cheap and to fast that it was just a disapointment.
Sony Pictures Television: No need to explain it. One of the most hated logos of all time.
Warner Bros. Television (2003): Oh boy. Do dooo doooo do. Those four notes are burned in my head! I wish it would go away! Some people may not agree with me, but I like the 1994 fanfare more.
KIDS LOGOS. Sure, they're supposed to be cute, but me being old, it's really annoying. Also, WHY DO MOST KID LOGOS LAUGH?
I will add more to this, btw.

Nickelodeon Productions (2009-present): It's not just the plain, bland rushed logo itself. It's how overused it is. Everytime I watch something on Nickelodeon, I'll always see it. I literally mean ALWAYS. It plasters older Nickelodeon logos (e.g the Nicktoons Splat, the CGI Bubble Burst). Nickelodeon plasters logos in an over excessive way no other company does. Other than plastering, the logo looks something you'd see in a kids power-point project.
Only other logo I don't really like is Comedy Central (2011).
LogoAshbyRoad's Least Favorites:
Walt Disney Pictures (2006-present): It's annoying, but at the same time beautiful. The animation is nice, the music is nice. But I really hate this logo, it's overrated and boring. I liked the 1986 logo and Pixar variant logo a lot, it was part of my childhood. But, unfortunately, my childhood is ruined by this. And then Disney decided to abandon the CGI variants of the logo, to create a new logo in 2006. Disney plasters older logos in an over excessive way some companies does. it's really annoying, it is a disappoinment. I don't know why they plaster the Pixar variant logo on many films (such as Toy Storyand Toy Story 2, Monsters, Inc., Finding Nemo and Cars, finally it's beautifully restored on A Bug's Life, The Incrediblesand Ratatouille). btw, I wish that this logo should return on Pixar films.
Universal Pictures (1997-present): I like the 1990 fanfare more, it's beautiful. But the childhood is ruined only for me, because I don't like the 1997 one. The animation and music is very nice, but it's also annoying and not as popular than 1990 one.
Sony Pictures Television (2002-present): One of the most hated logos of all time, it plasters all the Sony-related logos (Columbia Pictures Television, the infamous Screen Gemsand Tristar Television)
Cookie Jar: It's really, really annoying. Why they plaster the good ones with the baad ones. It plasters the DICand Cinar)
Nickelodeon(2009-present): I feel strange about this, it's very annoying and plain. It plasters the good ones (the Nicktoons, Haypile logos). Too bad that this ruined the Nickelodeon Splat era.

DiC (2001-2008)... or should I say The Incredible World of DiC? Seriously, I liked the Kid in Bed logo a lot, it was part of my childhood. And then DiC decided to make it a cheesy (but not too cheesy) and girly logo (with the theme and the background and all that). One of the worst decisions DiC has ever made, next to merging with Cookie Jar (did they not know that DiC was well-loved and respected and were they really stupid enough to NOT accept that offer?). Still, you gotta admit there were some decent effects, especially in 2001 (or somewhere around that year).
PBS Kids (2013-). The redesign here is nice but has 2D animation mixed with new redesigned characters. WHAT IS WITH THE NEW REDESIGNED CHARACTERS?! The old design was just fine! It was better when it was just Dot and Dash, but now Dash is phased out (and is now in the logo, while the Dot version of the logo is retired), Dot is redesigned, and Dee and Del are added to the mix. A very bad choice on PBS' part and the person who thought up this rebranding should be fired. Just sayin'.


If I had to choose a least favorite, it would probably be Peter Hannan Productions. I'm just not a fan of tall, skinny character designs.
Wellmart3's Least Favorites

Artisan Entertainment
Artisan Entertainment: This boring logo! It's just the logo zooming, and it could've been a rush making this.

WGBH Kids (2009)

WGBH Kids: Annoying, just annoying. This is even worse than the original WGBH logo!

Tonylyn Productions (1958)

Tonylyn Productions: This would be perfect for the late 80's, and the worst thing is, it didn't even land there! This was just something from 1958, and it's kinda ahead of its time.

NightmareEnterprises: Paramount Television (2015)
The PTV text is off center but still, very good CGI

UPDATED (8/23/16)
Sony Pictures Television and CBSTVD: I am so sick of both logos over and over
Starz Orignals (2016): The animation is too simple, even for the modern age
FUNimation (2016): The logo looks kind of dull
UPDATED (4/28/17)
Class Video (Argentina): This logo is bad. It's SO bad that it takes A FULL DAMN MINUTE forthe logo to animate. The frame rate is poor as hell. It's so poor the frame rate looks like 0.5. This is a pain in the ass.
Dominicmgm presents my worst logos.
  • PPI Entertainment (2000s): It would be OK to end your logo after about 10-15 seconds, but this lasts AN ENTIRE MINUTE.Compare it to the Hendring logo, which lasts 40 seconds longer, but has a ton of effort put into it.
SnowflakesOmega's Least Favorite Logos:
Timpson Films (New Zealand) (3rd logo): The guy who had the idea of this logo was just demented in the brain. That should explain it all.
Vadimon Video (Spain): This is one of the cases where an horribly cheesy concept turns out dislikeable. The music is relaxing but its a shame that it was spended on this.
Suma Video (Indonesia): C'MON! It's just the camera moving into printed text. The worst part is that I never have seen the video of it, and now I don't even want to watch it.
Play Pictures (Pakistan): Pakistan really needed to step up on animation quality during the 2000s. This logo doesn't prove that accomplishment well.
FCI Production (Cambodia): Too blatant to be real.
Ramu Enterprises (India) (1st and 3rd logos): Probably the most serious logo rip-off in history. Good thing Fox Star Studios started to exist.

Nick/20thCentury Foxand Other Files:
Both of us didn't like this logo when we first was this in 2014. If you look at the 2001 Cartoon Network Studios logo's Adventure Time variant, you can hear the proof of why we don't like it.
John Lasseter could be pissed at these logos like we were. Screw these logos, I just... I can't even... jus- I... No. NO. I-I... I'm not going to turn this into a rant, so no. No no no no. No, no, no!
It's easy. None of us don't hate birds like eagles, hawks and falcons, but we DO hate big studios being cheapskates cuz' digital's costly. You bet the many TOM models from Toonami wouldn't like these logos either.
It's just an annoyingly catchy jingle. Ding, Ding, Ding-ding-ding. Ugh.
Also catchy... and annoying.
Don't hate them, but they can be annoyingly catchy like Rainbow and RCA sometimes.
Another somewhat likeable logo with a REALLY annoying jingle. Screw this logo for that! Thank the logo overlords for the 2016 CHECK it era logo. ...and screw Turner for making an annoying slogan like CHECK it and overhyped marketing campaigns like "What Time Is It?" and "Believe in Steven", but those aren't logos, but are bad writing anyway.
(There's a differing opinion.)

I don't have a lot of logos to hate, but I do have 6 of them.

The Music and the background looks great, but the text? PASS!! The text looks so plain and simple, that most of us could make it, looks like its made from Windows Movie Maker.
WHAT WE'RE THEY THINKING?!? The Man with the valve in his eye, and the ominous music isn't suitable to some people, so so cheesy & scary.
This is the most scariest logo, but also so cheesy. The blurriness in the logo like you couldn't understand what it saying, but the Filpmore variant is worse, the creepy techno music appearing to try to shiver you. Also, the music was stolen from Mark VII Limited, making the scare factor increase.
The logo tower looks like it was made from poor CGI. The tower looks so loose that makes the one looks not so 3D.
The Horror, THE HORROR!!! This logo makes your eye sore, the sound effects what they like to call "music", & the animation. It's the worst channel ever own on PBS.
This is the worst logo ever! The video was stolen from Universal Pictures, from 1990's, and then the cheesy zoom-out, then the song they stole from The Beatles, and then the light without knowing.