What's the funniest logo you've ever seen?

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Here, you can list the logos and variations you think are the funniest.

Gracie Films (Simpsons variants), they're all pretty funny.
Nickelodeon Movies (Man and House logo) I most remember the one from Rugrats in Paris.
Columbia Pictures (Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs version). Banana 1, Torch Lady 0

  • 20th Century Fox (The Cannonball Run) - Too funny! From the cars hitting the searchlights, the music stopping abruptly, all the way to the car laughing in a Burt Reynolds fashion. It's a load of fun.
  • Gracie Films (The Simpsons - Bart Star) - "You're cut too, shushie!" After Homer cuts a lot of the people in the credits. He cuts the Gracie Films lady too. Always gets me.
  • Gracie Films (The Simpsons - Monty Can't Buy Me Love) - "Ooh, I hear this really sucks!". Lisa sums up for me what I think of terrible films.
  • Columbia Pictures Television (Married With Children... - The Movie Show) - The Bundy's boo at the Columbia logo. Really funny. Too bad that SPT (Stupid Plasters Television) ruined this by plastering their own logo over it and ruining the entire logo. I wish the Bundy's would boo at the SPT logo as it sums up the whole thing in general.
  • Gracie Films (The Simpsons - Wild Barts Can't Be Broken) - "Oh, don't tell me to shush! You stupid lady!". As silly as a curfew preventing anyone under 70 outside after dark being passed by one vote, this also makes me laugh.
  • Gracie Films (The Simpsons - Children of a Lesser Clod) - "Pokémon? Pokémon? Where the pokey and the man and the thing with the guy comes out..." It's a shame Bill Cosby did some naughty things with girls earlier in his life, other than that, I like this one.
  • Guntzelman Sullivan Marshall Productions - I tend to laugh at others misfortune, and this is no exception...
  • Gracie Films (The Simpsons - The Yellow Badge of Cowardge) - "Usher, will you stop that person who's shushing." It seems that Homer has a grudge against this logo.
  • Gracie Films (The Simpsons - The Mansion Family) - "Don't shush me, you rich b*stard!" Per PaperKing99.
  • Mushroom Pictures - This logo is ridiculous and funny at the same time. Someone must of really had a grudge against Sydney.
  • Nothing Can Go Wrong Now Productions: More like "Everything Can Go Wrong Now Productions". Who's driving the car?

  • Stoopid Monkey - Pretty much every variant is downright hilarious. XD
  • View Askew Productions (1st Logo) - I know. I am one sick individual. ;)
  • Jim Henson Pictures - The variant in which the camera isn't held up sturdily enough for Kermit is priceless Muppet humor.
  • Caution Video - This logo is so bizarre and ridiculous, I can't help but laugh at it (especially the screaming variant; it sounds like the guy experienced something I shouldn't say on here). It also makes me curious if there are different variants that have the guy making different noises. This is why we love you, Japan. :D
  • Hikon Film - This logo is so laughably bad. The music and voiceover (especially the drunk one) are what make this one so laughable.


Stoopid Monkey- Funniest logo ever

FADYO-I Laugh how cheesy it is.
Mushroom Pictures: Who ever thought that a make-believe World War III involving the destruction of Sydney would be so ridiculous??
FADYO: "The Room" of logos. And they were made in the same year.
YTV "Screaming TV": I'm sorry. I find that scream so hilarious. There's "no problem" with this logo in my opinion.

  • Gracie Films (The Simpsons-Simpsons Tall Tales)-Whether you just saw the episode or not, you'll just be confused when you hear "Oh boy, buffalo testicles!"
  • Guntzelman Sullivan Marshall Productions-At first I felt bad for the guy falling off the rooftop, but that scream though xD
  • Whitest Kids In Business International-When I first saw those guns coming out of the U.S. Capitol, I immediately thought of Donald Trump. And I laughed when the kids said "Holy sh*t!" and I then thought if that was the reaction to Donald Trump announcing his campaign, and I laughed even more.
  • Mushroom Pictures-Sydney is blowing up and all that's missing is "alah ackbar".
  • Hikon-"Let's make a good logo. Let's get Rainer Wolfcastle from The Simpsons to do our voiceover!" *At the recording session* "Okay Rainer, show us what you've got!" Rainer:"Okay. I do voiceover now. A HIKON FILM!!! That is all." Hikon: "I love it!"
  • Helltimate Studio-It looked pretty strange. But then the guy started breaking the TV, and that was pretty funny.
SnowflakesOmega's Most Laughable Logos
There is an unknown Hong Kong logo I like with the text "ER" on it. One musical variant has a calm mallet tune. But then there's the other theme, which is a ridiculous and overly-bombastic marching tune. I just can't stop laughing about how badly composed it is.
KTCA (1981): Same effect as the ER fanfare logo, including the weather imagery.
Home Game (South Korea): I laugh at how absurd this thing is.

Hikon:Love the drunk man. "HIKON!"
Mushroom Pictures: "Hey Let's destroy Sydney! *KABOOM*" Australian Michael Bay confirmed.
Nothing Can Go Wrong Now- Quite hypocritical.
Titwala Filmwalas- That shrieking trumpet.

Seven-Three Productions/Williams Street/Cartoon Network Productions (Sealab 2021 - Murphy Murph and the Feng Shui Bunch): Even in a ten-second long clip Master Shake never fails to leave in in hysterics. "What kind of crap is this, did an ELEPHANT paint this?"
Titmouse (Nerdland): love how the beautiful animation and tension just ends up going into...the same logo as before
Z-Axis (Aggressive Inline): Can't go wrong with a guy losing it and breaking stuff
FAYDO: I expected the worst. I got it.

Boje Buck Filmproduktion:The face is so scary that it makes me laugh xD.
Hikon: Hikon Hikon Hikon Hikon. *warbly sound* A HIKON FILM!... I love this!