Caution Video (Japan)

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Logo description by kidinbed.r
Logo video courtesy of AdjustTracking

Background: This was a sub-label of Japanese toy company Takara that released B-movies on VHS in Japan.


WARNING: The timpani hit on the first video is a little loud, and the second video is very loud, so please lower the volume before watching them.
NOTE: As this logo appears on several tapes, more variants of this logo may exist. We are currently awaiting any denial/agreement/proof/confirmation/confrontation.

Nicknames: "Howling/Screaming Shirtless Man From Hell", "Films That Break The Mold", "CAUTION!", "Widget Logo"

Logo: Against a black environment, we see a shirtless man from the waist up howling or screaming while we zoom in on his face. The word "CAUTION" (in pinkish red, with the "C" looking like a serpent that goes under the stylized "A" and "U") appears, with the byline "films that break the mold" (also in pinkish red) appearing below it. The Japanese words "株式会社タカラ映像事業部" (A Film Division of The Takara Company) fade in below.

FX/SFX: The man howling or screaming, the zooming in, and the words appearing and fading

Music/Sounds: The man howling or screaming (the exact howl or scream varies from tape to tape), and then a loud timpani hit when the company name appears.

Availability: Rare; seen on Japanese B-movie VHS tapes of the time period, such as Meet The Feebles, Aliennator, Shocking Dark, and Hammerhead.

Editor's Note: Many will be unnerved by the dark atmosphere and the nonsensical subject matter and overall absurdness. The timpani hit may also startle a few. Those who are used to it will have less of a problem, and some may love its overall weirdness and/or find it absolutely hilarious.