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Here is the full list of companies that have at least one Black Label that is designated for graphiccontent (graphic violence, nudity, profanity...) in each of their logos. These logos must contain the label clearly marked as well. Currently, this list is WIP. At the moment there are 34 companies with 41 logos.

-Adult Swim ID's - Bear How Its Made, Long Pork, Nitty Gritty, Fight Room, and Claude Follows Directions ID's. - Photos and Videos: Blood and Gore
-A.K.A. Cartoon (Canada) - 1st logo - Photos and videos: Nudity
-Bloody Disgusting - Photos and videos: Violence
-Braniff - 1st Logo - Photos and videos: Nudity
-Cal Vista International - 1st Logo - Videos: Nudity
-Cal Vista Video -1st Logo - Videos: Nudity
-Columbia Pictures -5th Logo, Boyz N The Hood variant - Videos: Profanity
-DNA Productions - 1st Logo, VHS and "The Honeymoonies" variants - Photos and videos: Graphic gore
-Electric Blue (UK) - 1st Logo - Videos - Strong sexual content, nudity
-Green Bunny (Japan) - 1st Logo - Photos and videos: Outline of nudity
-Iguana Entertainment - 3rd Logo, South Park variant - Videos: Violence
-MTV IDs - "Corpses Calzone" and "Bug Man Fly" ID's - Photos and Videos: Blood and gore
-Naughty Dog - 2nd Logo, variant - Photos and videos: Nudity
-New Line Cinema - 3rd Logo, Menace II Society variant - Videos: Profanity and 4th Logo, Friday variant - Videos: Drug references and profanity
-Park Avenue - Videos: Sexual content, nudity
-PFFR Productions -1st Logo - Photos and videos: Disturbing imagery
-Pilot Boy Productions - "Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories (Rick James)" variant - Videos: Profanity
-Pirromount Pictures - Photos and videos: Sexual imagery
-Red Tape Productions (UK) - Videos: Nudity
-Tabu Video (Germany) - Photos and videos: Sexual content, nudity
-Team Happy Rainbow Panda Bears - Photos and videos: Graphic gore
-The Jay & Tony Show - Naked SNCTM variant - Videos: Profanity
-Timpson Films (New Zealand) - 3rd Logo - Photos and videos: Gore, nudity
-Tribe First Rites (Australia) - Photos and videos: Sexual content, nudity
-TriStar Pictures - 1st Logo, Another You variant - Videos: Profanity
-TV3 (Ireland): 4th logo, Horror variant - Photos and Videos: Blood and Gore.
-Vanguardia Video Hot (Argentina) - Photos and videos: Nudity
-Video Classics (Australia) - Video Classics 1st Logo and Video Classics Gold 2nd Logo - Videos: Sexual content, nudity
-View Askew Productions - 1st Logo - Videos and photos: Sexual content, nudity
-Vivid Films - Videos and photos: Nudity
-Vivid Interactive - Videos: Nudity
-Whitest Kids Business Company International Conglomerate LLC - Videos: Profanity
-Xavier Productions - Photos and videos: Nudity