Videoring (Germany)

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Logo description by: MariluHennerArtist45
Video courtesy of: czar7474

Background: Videoring was a German video company founded by Paul Mockel around the late 70s. They were first known to distributing music videos around Germany around the late 70s. In 1980, they started selling videocassettes in Scandinavia, UK, Ireland, and other European countries.


Logo: We see many colorful, kaleidoscopic wallpaper-like designs rapidly change and zoom-in towards the screen. When the colors all freeze, the image breaks into lots of green wavy lines dispersing to all directions of the screen on a turquoise/yellow/white lava lamp-like background, which fades-out to reveal a magenta background with a sliding green eclipse. As the eclipse slides away in a circle shape, the Videoring logo appears. The logo consists of the word "Videoring" in a giant futuristic font where the right stem of the "V" and the leg of the "g" form a ring around the word (looking similar to the Original Video logo). The logo is slightly slanted. Then, it fades out and more colorful designs zoom-in towards the screen. As this happens, some blue, heliotrope and dark green wavy floors zoom-up from below and altogether, the colors morph into an aquamarine circle, which then morphs into the Videoring logo, now on a turquoise background.

Variant: A still version exists where the logo is orange on a black background.

FX/SFX: All the wavy color designs zooming in, the morphing effects and the lava lamp-like background, all done with heavy Scanimation.

Music/Sounds: A 70's-era synthesized disco tune. The ending also is the same as the Videoklubben logo as well.

Availability: Ultra rare; this was one of the first VHS distributors, and so far their latest releases date to 1981, so it'll be tough to find. Still, check video stores across Europe or look online.

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