Via X (Chile)

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Background: Via X is a Chilean cable channel, operated by TVI Filmocentro (who also owns Bang TV, ARTV and Zona Latina). The channel was founded in 1994, but started broadcasting in 1995, initally appearing on the extinct cable-operator Metropolis Intercom. The channel mostly focuses on the transmission of music, talk shows and television shows. In 2016, the cable operator VTR removed Via X, ARTV and Zona Latina from is service, during controversy respect to the removal of these channels.

1st Logo

Logo: We see some words like "VI Region" and "V Region" fading, then a big red "X" appear spinning while the words "via" appear, and eventually stop. These fades and a stilised "X" with the word "via" appear zooming while an ellipse and the words "Canal 29" appear zooming out, until placing below the "X".

FX/SFX: The words fading, the X, the Via X logo.

Music/Sounds: TBA

Availability: Extinct.

Editor's Note: None.