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Logo descriptions and captures by Logoboy95 and CuriousGeorge60
Editions by CuriousGeorge60

Background: Studio B Productions was a Canadian animation studio that was founded in 1988 in Vancouver, British Columbia. On December 4, 2007, it was acquired by DHX Media, Ltd. and became a subsidiary of it. On September 8, 2010 since DHX's rebranding, it's now known as "DHX Media/Vancouver".

1st Logo
(September 18, 1996-December 31, 1999)

Nicknames: "The TV Set", "Filmstrip B", "Studio B TV"

Logo: Against the dark blue-red gradient background, we see a drawing of a blue television set with a wall plug next to it. Under it are the words, "Studio B" in a script font Studio B Productions (1996)(called "Rage Italic") with "PRODUCTIONS" in spaced-out letters with a black line above it, below. In the screen of the TV set, we see a static screen, which is cleared up with static. The lightning circuits into its antennas, causing the static screen to turn into a black filmstrip "B" on a yellow screen in the center of the TV set.

FX/SFX: Just the animation of the TV set.

A buzzing sound for the messy screen (à la the 1996 Nickelodeon Productions logo), followed by a wizard's "wish" sound, or the end theme of the show.

Availability: Can be seen on season 2 episodes of Savage Dragon, Ned's Newt, and Little Witch.

Editor's Note: None.

2nd Logo
(September 9, 1999-March 20, 2005)

Nicknames: "The TV Set II", "Filmstrip B II", "Studio B TV II"

Logo: On a yellow/white background, we the same animation of the TV set from before, but the TV is colored gray instead of blue and the lightning has a blue glow. After the Studio B (2000)animation finishes, the words "Studio B" appear below the TV set, in the same font as before, but in black.

FX/SFX: Same as the 1st logo and the text fading in afterwards.

Music/Sounds: Same as the 1st logo.

Music/Sounds Variant: On Olliver's Adventures, the TV static sound from the Decode Entertainment logo continues before the logo's sounds play as normal.

Availability: Can be seen on Yvon of the Yukon and D'Myna Leagues, which is often followed by either the YTV logo or the CTV logo. Also appeared on Yakkity Yak, which was last seen on Nicktoons Network (now Nicktoons). The audio variant can be seen on D'Myna Leagues, Oliver's Adventures, and season 3 of What About Mimi?

Editor's Note: None.

3rd Logo
(January 1, 2005-September 24, 2011)
Studio B Productions (2006)Studio B Productions (2006) (Byline)

Nicknames: "The New and Improved TV Set", "The TV Set III", "Studio B TV III"

Logo: On a
purplewallpaper background filled with a set of little
B's, we see the same colored television set as the second logo, but minus the wall plug, which now bounces. In the screen of the TV set, we see the same static screen as before, which fades into a yellow screen. A "B" now zooms up inside the TV set, as the words "STUDIO B PRODUCTIONS" (later "STUDIO B PRODUCTIONS INC.") fade in underneath the TV set.

  • There is a widescreen version of the logo, as well as a pan & scan version of the logo.
  • Starting in 2008, the byline "A DHX Media Ltd. Company" appears under the logo. There is also a still version of this.
FX/SFX: The TV set bouncing to change from the static screen to the "B" inside the TV set.

Music/Sounds: A variety of crazy, cartoony sounds. Some shows have the ending theme play over it. On the still My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
variant, the logo is silent.

Availability: Seen on shows such as Martha Speaks, Class of the Titans, Being Ian,
Kid vs. Kat, and Pucca. The still version of the 2008 logo appears on the first season (as well as the two-part premiere of the second season) of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Was also seen on the direct to video special The Legend of Frosty the Snowman, as well as the Edgar and Ellen shorts when last reran on Nicktoons Network.

Editor's Note: None.