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Logo description by WizardDuck
Video capture courtesy of GarfieldFan2000

(September 1, 1994-May 15, 2006; April 28, 2017-)

SisterLee Productions (1993)<embed align="bottom" height="216" src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="275" wmode="transparent"/>

Nickname: "Cheesy Windmills"

Logo: Over a black background with white splotches (among them are the initials of Living Single's creator, Yvette Lee Bowser), we see two windmills, one whose sails are not moving and one (that is much closer to the screen than the other) whose sails are moving and a woman in a pink suit is spinning on one of the sails. "Sister Lee" is written in script, and the "S" and "L" are much larger than the rest. "PRODUCTIONS" appears just below "Sister Lee" and under all that appears the text "In Association With", followed by a WB logo.

Variant: On Dear White People, the logo is on a blue television tube (to match the dimensions of the show) without the text "In Association With."

FX/SFX: The woman spinning on the windmill while "Sister Lee" is written out.

Music/Sounds: No music, but we can hear the woman shouting "Whoo-hoo!" while she is spinning on the windmill, NBC airings used a generic theme.

Availability: Currently seen on Living Single (2nd season and onward) on TV One and Half & Half on Bounce TV. Lush Life and For Your Love are other shows with this logo. It was also seen on the series adaption of Dear White People.

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