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Edited by Eric S and indycar.
Logo Pictures byEric S.
Video Captures by indycar.

Background: Playboy Productions was the film and television production unit of Playboy Enterprises, best known for publishing the magazine Playboy.

(January 18, 1969-1992)

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Nicknames: "The Bunny", "The Playboy Bunny", "The Cyclone Bunny"

Logo: On a black (or blue) background, we see a square with a cyclone shape inside with dark red, light red, orange, and yellow swirls spinning around with some circles in the center. The swirls close and open like a shutter and reveals the Playboy bunny logo. The words "a Playboy production" are wiped in a circle font similar to the Publix logo.

: The spirals closing and opening.

: On Detour to Terror, the logo appeared on the same screen as the 1979 Orenthal Productions logo. The words "IN ASSOCIATION WITH" are below both logos.

Music/Sounds: The end theme of the film or television show plays over the logo.

: This logo has appeared on several films and television series produced by the company, like The Death on Ocean Park View starring Martin Landau.