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Logo description by BudTheChud1989
Editions by Phillip Hatfield
Video captures courtesy of MachineryNoise and

Background: Canadian distribution company based in Calgary, Alberta. Was later bought out by Malofilm.

1st Logo:
<img align="bottom" alt="Nova Home Video (1980s)" height="210" src="" title="Nova Home Video (1980s)" width="281"/><img align="bottom" alt="Nova Entertainment (1980s)" height="206" src="" title="Nova Entertainment (1980s)" width="274"/>

Nickname: "Nova in Space"

Logo: In space, Earth passes us, and a bright light shines behind it. It turns out that light comes from the sun-shaped "O" in the word "Nova", colored blue. The sun spins very quickly, and "Nova" turns into place. Finally, a white light passes through, and a blue box with the text "NOVA HOME VIDEO" or "ENTERTAINMENT, INC." slides in below.

Variant: On some releases, dozens of small sparkles appear in the sun.

FX/SFX: The Earth passing us, "Nova" zooming in. It's actually pretty decent CGI for the time period.

Music/Sounds: Outer-spacey synth beeps, then a constantly-looping synth-bass sounder, with a synth "slicing" sound for when the logo shines twice. On Blackout (1985), the logo is silent.

Availability: Can be seen after the Canadian Video Factory logo on many tapes, such as the non-MST3K version of Space Mutiny. Also seen on a good number of tapes from AIP Home Video, Imperial Entertainment, Magnum Entertainment, J2 Communications, Turner Home Video, and Fries Home Video, among others, that were released in Canada.

Editor's Note
: None.

2nd Logo

<img align="bottom" alt="Nova Entertainment (1989)" height="209" src="" title="Nova Entertainment (1989)" width="285"/><img align="bottom" alt="Nova Home Video (1990?)" height="209" src="" title="Nova Home Video (1990?)" width="264"/>

Nickname: "The Nova Clouds", "Two Logos In One", "The Big N"

Logo: We see a shot of clouds billowing forth. Suddenly, they reveal a bright blue flash and a stylized N block flipping and twirling towards us until it faces us on a dark blue background. When it does, it flashed blue and shines, revealing the word "NOVA" in blue, glowing. A "spark" writes the cursive letter E and then N. "ENTERTAINMENT" flies up from the bottom with a shadow trail. The N block shines again. Then the logo fades out and in again, this time without the word "ENTERTAINMENT", and the word "HOME VIDEO" flies in (with a "shadow" effect). The N shines again.

Variant: On some releases such as Xtro II: The Second Encounter and Paper Mask, there is a version of the Nova Entertainment logo that does not transition to the Nova Home Video logo.

FX/SFX: Pretty uniquely done hand-drawn animation.

: A light synthesized fanfare coupled with a few laser zaps and a stock sound effect of a jail door closing.

Availability: Rare. Can be found on some Canadian VHS releases from the era, such as Meet the Applegates and Xtro II: The Second Encounter, among others. Was also seen on Canadian releases of VHS tapes from Magnum Entertainment, Fries Home Video and AIP Home Video, among others. The Nova Entertainment variant was spotted as of May 15, 2015 on the Canadian Seville Pictures DVD of Tune in Tomorrow. This also appears on some Nova tapes with the previous logos on the packaging, including, but not limited to Pride and Extreme Prejudice.

Editor's Note: None.