Makdos (Russia)

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Logo descriptions by EnormousRat and MegaAveron25
Logo capture by EnormousRat

Background: Makdos is a Russian film studio, which was created from the remnants of KinoMost during the early 2000's.


Nicknames: "The Walking Tiger", "Filmmakers' Tiger"

<img align="right" alt="Makdos Filmcompany" height="236" src="" title="Makdos Filmcompany" width="352"/>Logo: The sun rises above the mountain chain, and the transparent frame appears in the middle, with the tiger inside, walking towards us. The frame is re-drawn several times and the tiger shoots out from the previous frame into where the next frame is drawn, while light threads fly around. We suddenly zoom and tilt into the frame to transition into what appears to be a holed strip made out of gold with the grungy texture, set against the smokey red/orange background. The word "МАКΔОС" zoom out into the strip, making two central letters inside, and "КИНОКОМПАНИЯ" ("FILM PRODUCTION COMPANY") appears above while the logo shines.

FX/SFX: Drawing frame and strip-moving animation, plus the live motion of the tiger. The Russian letter Д appears as the Greek delta.

Music/Sounds: A bell toll from the Kinomost logo followed by the triumphant fanfare.

: Still common, appears on several TV series (and on DVD's) in Russia.

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