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Toy Story (1995):Normal animation, but when Luxo Jr. faces us, the animation freezes for a few seconds and fades in to the opening scene (which is the cloud wallpaper in Andy’s room). Seen only on most recent DVD prints and TV airings (such as the one in Fox Movies Asia) which plaster the 1995 Pixar variant of the Walt Disney Pictures logo with the 2006 one

Lifted (2007, short): The lamp's "head" fades into the moon.

WALL-E (2008): The logo starts normally, but after Luxo Jr. looks at us, his light shorts out. Then, WALL-E comes in and changes the bulb. He then leaves, but knocks down the "R" in "PIXAR" on the way. He looks at the fallen "R", and then hides his head, clasps his "hands" and puts down his door to make an "R" shape. The rest of the logo then continues as normal as WALL-E peeks out in cowardliness. Seen after the credits and the WALL-E video game.
Pixar (2008)

On the PS3, PC, Xbox 360, Wii and PSP versions of the film's video game, the print logo is made up of blue glowing lines. The DS version uses a still version of the normal logo.
Pixar Logo (Wall-E)

Up (2009, video game): The still print version is seen on a white background. Seen on the DS version.
Pixar Studios DS Variant


Toy Story Toons (2011-): The lamp looks up as we scroll up to the title.

Cars 2 (2011): When Luxo Jr. looks at us, the text fades out. Then, the rest of the logo fades out. When it does that, the text "CELEBRATING" fades in. The text "25 YEARS" fades in also. The text "25" is bigger than usual, and the text "YEARS" is below "25". The text "CELEBRATING" fades out, followed by "25 YEARS" afterwards. Sadly, only theatrical releases used this logo, while DVDs and TV airings used the standard logo instead.
Pixar Animation Studios - Cars 2 (2011)

Incredibles 2 (2018): The logo's background is red, the lamp itself is black all over, and the lamp's light is yellow-colored, making the logo themed after the Incredibles logo's usual colors.

At the end of the movie, the closing variant is normal, with the closing theme of the movie being played over, but the sound effects (except for the light switching off) are silent.

Toy Story 4 (2019): The logo plays as normal, but "ANIMATION STUDIOS" is already present, and when the lamp faces the camera, it starts to rain. The screen turns dark, with the lamp's light shining through the rain until lightning flashes, transitioning into the opening scene.

At the end of the film, instead of the lamp, Duke Caboom rides in on his motorcycle and bounces the "I" down with it. Then, a Combat Carl toy (whom Woody left hanging for a high-five earlier in the film) enters from the left and finally gets a high-five from Duke, at which the logo instantly cuts to black (the clap sound substituting for the lamp's light clicking off).

Both times, the logo is the 2D version, even in 3D, in which case depth is applied to the logo.