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That's Hollywood (1976-1982): The words "THAT'S HOLLYWOOD!" are set up on the same Fox structure with "THAT'S" on top and "HOLLY" on the bottom-left side and "WOOD!" on the bottom-right. The logo zooms out while the long theatrical fanfare plays. As the logo zooms out, the credits in the same 3D text zoom out and swing in underneath the logo. Then, it cross-fades over by featuring a 31 second clip montage of Fox Films throughout the years and later cross-fades back to the That's Hollywood! logo with the credits to the writer(s) and producer(s) of the episode already superimposed underneath the logo.
Logo Variations - 20th Century Fox Film Corporation - CLG Wiki

For the ending of the show, it's the 1965 Fox TV logo, but it uses the same fanfare from the opening credits of the episode, but with a re-orchestrated ending.

Bobby's World (Adventures in Bobby-Sitting) (1990):
he 1981 20th Television Fox logo is shown in a pink tone. Only seen on international prints of said episode.
20th Television Fox (Pink Tone)

The Simpsons: The Complete Fourth Season (DVD from 2004, 1992-1993 season, 20th Television): The 20th Television logo begins as normal, but as it zooms out, the logo zooms into the Simpsons' TV set. This was seen only on the "Promotional Stuff" featurette on the DVD set.
20th Television Simpsons

Futurama (1999-2003, 2008-2013): The 20th Century Fox Television logo at the end of each Futurama episode is altered to read "30th CENTURY FOX TELEVISION", as Futurama is set in the 31st century. It also appears on The Simpsons episode "Simpsorama," which is a crossover with Futurama.
30th Century Fox Television (1999-2003)30th Century Fox Television (2008)30th Century Fox Television (2014, Bylineless)

On the original Fox premiere airing of the episode "Space Pilot 3000", the "30th CENTURY FOX TELEVISION" variant is presented in 16:9, squished to 4:3.
30th Century Fox Television (1999) (16:9 squished)

On the DVD trailers, the 30th stomps the "20th" on the logo to make it read "30th CENTURY FOX".

In 2008, on a few episodes reran on local syndication, this case also occurred with 20th Television. Like the standard 30th Century Fox logo, "30th" replaces "20th". Unlike the 30th Century Fox logo, however, the camera does not turn while zooming out (it instead simply zooms out with no turning movement), and the word "TELEVISION" is also stretched vertically. Sometimes, there will either be no byline, or the logo will cut off before it fades in.
20th Television (2012, Futurama Variant)

The Simpsons (Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo) (1999): The logo plays as normal, but instead of the fanfare, Homer says "Ahh! Undo! Undo!" as he hits buttons on a key board then sighs. (This audio is ripped from and calls back to the episode proper, where Homer invests stock in News Corporation. This is his reaction when Lisa says they own Fox.)

The Simpsons (Grift of the Magi) (1999): According to the Simpsons Archive, at least one airing (probably the original airing) of this Christmas episode had Christmas bells with the fanfare. This may possibly be a myth. Current prints have it normal. (Indeed the actual page for the episode on said site doesn't say it)

The Simpsons (Children of a Lesser Clod) (2001): The audio from earlier of Bill Cosby incomprehensibly talking about Pokemon plays over the logo,
The Simpsons (The Blunder Years) (2001): Carried over from the Gracie Films variant, Homer screams loudly over the logo.

The Simpsons (Treehouse of Horror XV) (2004): Similar idea to "The Blunder Years", although Homer's scream is noticebly later in the logo rather than the beginning.
The Simpsons (Simprovised) (2016): We hear Homer saying "Oh Bart, not coolants!" and then groaning. This audio is carried on from "Homer Live", a special segment that aired at the end of the episode (which as its name suggests was a live viewer call-in where Homer answered questions). The dialogue itself was carried on from the Gracie Films variant from the same episode. It should also be noted that this was only heard on East Coast airings of the episode. West Coast airings replaced the clip with the regular fanfare.