Jim Owens Entertainment, Inc.

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Logo descriptions by CooleyBoy10 & Teddy Sunshine
Logo captures by Teddy Sunshine
Video courtesy of Julieanne's Page

(Early 1990s-)

WARNING:The video is a little loud, we recommend that you should lower the volume before watching.

Nicknames: "Fat Lady with Cymbals", "The RFD-TV Logo", "Screaming Opera Lady", "That Odd Logo from RFD-TV", "Oz Film Company's Louder Cousin", "Opera Lady of Doom," "The Nick Opera ID Lady's Evil Twin","It Ain't Over Until The Fat Lady Screams"

Logo: On a black background, we see the text "JIM OWENS ENTERTAINMENT INC.", with "All Rights Reserved" under it, at the bottom of the screen. Above it is a box containing a video of an obese woman with a viking helmet, dressed up in viking garb and brandishing 2 cymbals. She yells "HoahhoahAAAAAAAOOOOOOH!" and then crashes the cymbals.

Variant: A variant with different text has been spotted on a syndicated episode of Crook & Chase. Above the video are the words "Syndicated by Genter Media", the lower-left hand side reads "Distributed by", followed by the 1983 print TNN logo on a white background, and the lower-right hand side reads "A Division of Jim Owens Entertainment, Inc. All Rights Reserved".

FX/SFX: The fat lady crashing the cymbals.

Music/Sounds: The lady "singing", for lack of a better term, and then crashing the cymbals.

Availability: Seen on reruns of Pop! Goes The Country on RFD-TV. The variant has been seen on a syndicated episode of Crook & Chase.

Editor's Note: The fat lady's singing and crashing is bound to scare more than a few people, especially if unexpected.Otherwise, you'll just be confused at this logo, or might even find it funny.