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Logo descriptions by clover52
Logo captures by clover52
Editions by clover52
Video captures courtesy of Azoko Loko (WhatIAmWikia)

Background: DAM is a company known for making Troll dolls, named after creator Thomas Dam. In 2005 they used this vanity plate for the DIC cartoon Trollz.

Nicknames: "That Strange as Heck Logo After Trollz"

: In a dark room with red, purple, and green lighting and a round stage in the center, we see a circle spinning around. We see the text "DAM", along with a picture of a troll, as it's spinning from side to side. Eventually, the spinning stops, and we get to see the logo in full.

FX/SFX: The spinning of the logo in CGI.

Cheesy Factor: Although the logo's animation and CGI elements are well done, the picture of the Troll looks a little bit mean and ugly. Also, it looks like it's really interested in the red outline of the circle it's on.

Music/Sounds: A dreamy synth guitar note.

Availability: Only seen on Trollz.

Scare Factor
: None to low. The dark atmosphere and the rather unfriendly looking troll may frighten some, but some people may think the troll is cute.