Astro Base Go!

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Background: This is the vanity plate for The Venture Bros. creators Christopher McCulloch (credited as "Jackson Publick") and Eric "Doc" Hammer.

1st Logo
(February 16, 2003-June 25, 2006)

Astro-base Go (2004)

Logo: On a black background, a general with a rod points to the heart of a space bot (named Soul-Bot) in front of a purple moon. As this happens, three colored circles zoom in from the top left corner, making the logo in different colors. Then the heart flashes and a spinning spiral pops out of it. Then the words "GO" amperes from the left as the spiral unfolds into a multicolored rectangle with the words "Astro-Base" in purple. Then a blue circle zooms behind the logo in which makes the general and Soul-Bot disappear. Then a black circle zooms in making the moon white, and the background black. Then a flash of light goes around the logo making the words "GO" flash. Then the logo fades.

Trivia: Soul-Bot is also credited in The Venture Bros. as the voice of the Venture's personal robot H.E.L.P.eR.

FX/SFX: The animation.

Music/Sounds: Electronic beepers which fade out when the logo ends, and a odd robotic voice faintly saying (according to the company themselves) "I love you" twice, though the voice actually says "I really like you, I love you".

Music/Sounds Variant: On the pilot for The Venture Bros., "The Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay", the robotic voice says "I love you" twice and the electronic beepers are quieter.

Availability: Seen on the first season of The Venture Bros.

Editor's Note: None.

2nd Logo
(July 2-October 15, 2006)
Astro-base Go (2006)Astro Base Go! (2006)Astro Base Go! (2006)Astro Base Go! (2006)Astro Base Go! (2006)Astro Base Go! (2006)Astro Base Go! (2006)

Logo: It's very hard to describe the logo, because every episode has its own animation, usually weird and/or pointless and most of them featuring Soul-Bot, but almost every one of them has the name in usual font.

FX/SFX: Depends on the episode.

Music/Sounds: Same as the 1st logo. One episode had no beeping, but instead the voice saying "I really like you".

Availability: Seen on the second season of The Venture Bros.

Editor's Note: None.

3rd Logo
(June 1, 2008- )

Astro-base Go (2008-2009)

Logo: We see the usual name zooming in, colored in
yellow, and shines. The moon also zooms behind on black background. Then a flying saucer appears from the moon and moves towards us, stopping under the name.

FX/SFX: The shining of the logo, the moon zooming, and the flying saucer.

Music/Sounds: Same as the 1st logo.

Availability: Seen on The Venture Bros starting with season 3.

Editor's Note: None.