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Logo descriptions by Grig2007

Background: Alawar Entertainment is a company that founded in 1999.

1st Logo
Alawar (2008)Alawar (2008-2013)Alawar (2011)Alawar Entertainment (credit version)

Logo: On black background we see the ball with 2 holograms on the top and 1 hologram at the bottom. Words "ALAWAR" are inside the ball. The slogan "ФАБРИКА ИГР" (THE GAME FACTORY) are below.

  • Sometimes the words "ALAWAR" are not capitalized and "W" letter is replaced with another blue ball with "W" inside (that used until 2007). Sometimes it have a website below.
  • The background sometimes changes, for example, Papa's Daughters has white background.
FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: None or game's main theme.

Availability: Appears on every game distributed in this era. That logo was used and existed until 2014 when that logo was retired in 2013, such as Snowy: Lunch Rush.

Editor's Note: None.

2nd Logo

Alawar (2013)
Logo: On white background we see the W in blue outlined circle with letter crudely drawn. The text "alawar" in same font is below.

Trivia: That logo used in tandem with previous for 1 year.

Variant: It can be on another background, like 1st logo.

FX/SFX: See 1st logo.

: See 1st logo.

Availability: Current. Seen on newer games by company that have been uploaded on their website. Also appears in some puzzle games.

Editor's Note: See 1st logo.

3rd Logo
(2005-2012?, 2013, January 2014)
Alawar (2005) early versionALAWAR (2005-2012) variantAlawar Entertainment (Russia) - CLG Wiki
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Logo: That logo has couple of versions:
  • Original: On white background, we see the ball dropping. Then it transforms into the mascot by flipping. The mascot winks and transforms. The words "ALAWAR" from 1st logo moving and taking its place. Then ball zooms and making same result as 1st logo, only on white background and with slogan replaced by "GAMES" text. The earlier version have logo that used on website until 2013 and some wrappers of their games.
  • Summer: On white background with grass, the mascot moving and looking for a butterfly. Then the mascot get catched by unknown people. Creatures with grass are disappearing, the net disappear and ending is same as original.
  • Spring: TBA
  • Winter: TBA
  • Autumn: TBA
Variant:On some trailers, slogan placed instead of "GAMES" text.

FX/SFX: Everything, all done with not outdated CGI. Made by Eduart Muratov.

Music/Sounds: On original, it's just the notes of xylophone where its jumping from dropping. The winking has ding. Then it's just some notes of happy synth, flipping sound, followed by another xylophone note.

Availability: Uncommon, seen on game's trailers (some MyPlayCity prints have their still logo instead) from that era. Used in tandem with 1st logo until its end. Can be seen on Mystery Cruise

Editor's Note: None.