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Logo descriptions by Codyfinke2
Logo captures by Eric S.

(October 3, 1984-2001)

Al Burton Productions (1987)Al Burton Productions - CLG Wiki

Nicknames: "The Flag", "French Flag"

Logo: Set on a background is a sky background with a pennant-shaped flag of France. The text "AL BURTON PRODUCTIONS" appears on the flag.

  • There's a later variant from 1987 where instead of the text just cutting onto the logo, it just simply fades in. This was from later episodes of Charles in Charge.
  • On Turn Ben Stein On, instead of the text fading in, it just slides in.
  • On The New Lassie, the logo has a filmed look to it.

: Just the text appearing.

Music/Sounds: The ending theme of
the show or on The New Lassie, a perky-sounding 9-note theme.

Availability: Seen on Charles in Charge, The New Lassie, and Turn Ben Stein On.

Editor's Note: TBA